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Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

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1 hour ago, tgo said:



Its also likely seeing the lack of regulation on your platform lead to the weaponization of hate which in turn lit the flame of insurrection and then resulted in an assault on the heart of democracy made them realize they have to do something. 


As I said earlier. Social media platforms failed to regulate themselves so now the government is going to do it for them.

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3 minutes ago, tgo said:



These people are terrorists, period.  There's a lot of terrorists in the United States.  We aren't going to let them get away with it then haul them before a jury to get off scott free with jury nullification.  That's how the KKK got away with it.

This people wanna war, they can fight alone in the dark without jobs or phones.

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1 minute ago, Starkiller said:

It’s worth pointing out that Apple or Google pulling an app from their stores doesn’t disable the app for previous users. It just means that new users can’t download it.


It will also mean no more app updates, which means (I think for Android at least, not sure about iOS) that the app's target SDK version may eventually be too low for a device to support it, so if someone buys a new phone and transfers their apps, I'm guessing it might not work on the new phone. So that will lock them into older devices, which intel agencies will have a much easier time exploiting 😉

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