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Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

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2 minutes ago, nine said:

I gotta say, it's quite refreshing to finally see the @POTUS account offering a calm, uplifting message of hope instead of blasting out unhinged diatribes of lies, bullying and finger-pointing.


It's funny. I always thought it was a baseline that the President had to be a decent respectful person who could practice professional communication standards that any entry level employee would need to learn to maintain. 



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3 hours ago, OILERMAN said:



When peoples strategy is to lie and force you into their made-up reality...  all you have to do is ignore them and they will go away.


The problem of course is when they somehow lie their way to president and you are forced to participate.

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I sure don't want to be victimized daily ever again.  I would like to hear a conversation of him begging somebody to do some ridiculous shit to get him back in the WH, like when he begged the GA SOS to find him just 12,000 votes laying around somewhere.

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