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Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

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2 hours ago, ChesterCopperpot1 said:

Here in Nashville? @abenjami @Legaltitan and myself are also lawyers, though I’m the only one in Nashville. Did criminal defense early in my career and hated it. I do 100% civil work now. 


I work in Texas in one of the county public defender's offices. In Texas, we really do not have a state wide public defender's system. About the only thing that comes close is an office within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Office of State Counsel for Offenders. However, they only represent inmates. 


I do mostly post-conviction work (Direct Appeals, post-conviction habeas writs, and Motions for DNA testing). I stopped doing trial work, never really liked it personally.



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2 hours ago, nine said:



I fully expect we'll eventually see sweeping changes in legislation as a direct result of Trump's wanton disregard for ethics, propriety, and decorum throughout his presidency.

We took so much for granted before him. Trump was a huge pressure test for our system of government and democracy in general. I'm impressed we've made it so far. 

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