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Biden Inauguration Thread

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You know this has to piss off Trump.    

Hunger relief group? Sounds like food handouts, which is practically socialism, which is practically communism.   Chairman Joe confirmed!!!

last week ring a bell? We were seconds away from a mass casualty event. we are at an inflection point. The both sides argument doesn't hold water right now.

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19 minutes ago, TitansFan777 said:

Holy shit. What’s next? The Wallflowers perform “one headlight” as an opener for a Gallagher brothers reunion of Oasis and a Nirvana concert with a hologram Kurt Cobain? If so, I’m all-in on anointing Biden a 🐐 president on day 1.



Old Radicals?

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1 hour ago, El Guapo said:

Amazing the left and idiots on this board will see nothing wrong with this. I thought we didn't do background checks on people based on skin color or political beliefs. 

Nope, not anymore.

You radical Dems are fucking stupid and you don't even see it. Actions like this is what CAUSES RADICALISM. And your most radical idiots are the ones you elect.

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