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Biden Inauguration Thread

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5 minutes ago, titanruss said:


I hope I'm wrong too but unfortunately for the the past 12 months I've been on quite the accurate doom prediction streak.


This looks like the beginning of a White Christian Insurgent movement...

I think this one event being so public, so heavily rejected, and so heavily punished will do a lot of work to keep more of this from happening again.


Like I said, the lack of any response to the “Liberate Michigan” invasions, as well as others, emboldened these assholes. They never got pushback before so they just kept going. Now they are getting a massive retaliation and it’s not going well for them.

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As feared, the massive MAGA protests  have begun at various capitols across the country 😱     

Checkmate, libs    

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3 minutes ago, tgo said:


If only there was an easy rule of thumb to identify privileged Americans with sympathies to domestic terrorists, it would surely be useful now.


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7 minutes ago, titanruss said:

Stupid. Just inaugurate him. Do it in a safe area, quickly, and get it over with. 


You have to have a strong public display of confidence and power or our enemies will come after us. Its a show of strength to the nation and the world.

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