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Next COVID-Economic Stimulus Bill

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Republicans desperately want to be seen giving out free money...

Rubio is playing for 2024

As if the alternative to Manchin in WV is some liberal. If it isn’t Manchin we get another crazy Republican asshole from there...

I've always been against handouts. But I think these people miss the point of the Stimulus check. It's to Stimulate keyword STIMULATE the economy. You have people who need it to help with Bills, and those people with Bills who normally would be buying stuff can't, so those who don't necessarily need it use it to buy goods (Video games, Tvs, electronics etc). I do my own Taxes through Turbo Tax so I got mine today, and it's almost gone. I put 250 into savings. But needed to buy a new tire, and other things. So there is no way it's really helping people who need it for bills and stuff. I got paid today and Car Note 170, Electric 104, car insurance 203, cell phone bill 138 707 dollars gone right there. 600 isn't much in the adult world lol.

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