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The Right Calls for Civil War On Parlor

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Talk of trying to protect America..........     .......while actively trying to infect America. Interesting times.

Already posted but I bet a lot of people don't click the links so didn't see this    

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6 minutes ago, patsplat said:


Who wants to guess how much child porn was on Parler?

Probably a lot. 


Ita amazing though. The person I saw posted this is an actual hacker and knows a ton about computers and all

this shit. Now he posting shit like this. Deep down he knows it’s not apples to apples, but trump really melted these peoples brains. 

quick story bout me and this guy, when younger we’d always listen to immortal technique and smoke blunts  and shit and this dude was totally into the “9/11 inside job conspiracy’s” and all

that. Hardcore believed it.  Then the other day he posted something about no wonder people were so easily fed bullshit by people like immortal

technique And fell for all his anti patriotism lol. At the same time posting crazy Trump conspiracies 24/7. Can’t wait to see what conspiracies he’s pumping 20 years from now saying “no wonder we all so easily fell for trumps bullshit fascism”




I don’t know if any of that will make sense to anyone, but it boggles my mind lol

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Amazon Web Services was within its rights to shut down social media platform Parler, a federal judge ruled Thursday, rejecting a move by the site to force Amazon to reinstate it.


U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein in Seattle denied a request by Parler for a preliminary injunction that sought to require AWS to continue hosting the site. Rothstein said Parler offered little more than conjecture that AWS had conspired with Twitter to harm its business and said the web hosting service “argued convincingly” that it sought to prevent Parler from being used to promote violence.

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