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Josh Hawley Obliterated

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He is going to pay a political price as will the other senators who objected. 

This is exactly how you hit these fucks, right in the wallet. 

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All these corporations pulling their contributions is obviously just grandstanding foe the sake of appearances.  

But then again, all the objections related to unsubstantiated voter fraud were  also political grandstanding for the sake of appearances, so it’s a wash.  

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The most powerful (and damning) part of Manchin’s comments, IMO:


Someone’s gotta speak truth to power.  I don’t  think I’d want to be in government if I couldn’t speak what I know to be the truth...if I knew that I didn’t have the guts to vote what I know is right.”


Trump has shown time and time again that he has zero regard for truth.  In this case, his obsessive denial of truth was the primary catalyst for an invasion and occupation of the US Capitol building.  

The writing was on the wall from Day 1 for Trump.  Those who supported him simply chose not to see or believe it.    

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