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PFT: Buzz Growing Watson Could Demand Trade

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4 minutes ago, titansfan said:

I think the price tag for Watson starts at three 1RPs 

More than that. This would be twice as big as the Khalil Mack trade. A top flight QB entering his prime. I would say at minimum you’d want two firsts this year and then a first for the next two, maybe three years after. And then a bunch of 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths. It wouldn’t be a Ricky Williams trade but it’d have to be somewhere between that and the Khalil Mack trade for any franchise to trade a guy like Watson. 

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You just hate to see all this dysfunction at the Texans and Jags. 

The biggest takeaway is that Cal McNair is in fact Tommy Boy.....He's allowed some Jesus Freak manipulator to take over and run everything.  It will come out that McNair and Easterby are probably into


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I don't think any team has ever traded a top 5 QB who is only 25.  I can't imagine that there is any chance it happens, but if it did, hopefully it's to a NFC team (or the Titans).

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22 minutes ago, Jas said:

 (or the Titans).


That is a scenario that needs immediate expulsion from your mind. There is less than zero chance the Titans would trade for Watson and there is an even less of a chance than that where Houston agrees to trade Watson to the Titans. Icesicles will have been formed in hell for a millenia before that would ever be considered.

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He deserves a better situation than the mess that is the Houston Texans. Belichick would win multiple SBs with Watson. As long as it isn’t in the AFC south, I’m all for it. 

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29 minutes ago, BudsOilers said:

My question is why did Watson sign a long term deal there AFTER they had made all of those trades if he was so disgruntled?


The discontent angle is completely exaggerated IMO.  


You saw what happened to Dakota Prescott? Get the money first, then figure the rest later. Especially at that position. Star QBs command the level of clout that most star NBA players have. Meaning he can generate a market for himself even under contract just because he's at a level where virtually every team would be highly interested AND his host team would have to succumb a bit to his displeasure. 

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