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PFT: Buzz Growing Watson Could Demand Trade

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You just hate to see all this dysfunction at the Texans and Jags. 

The biggest takeaway is that Cal McNair is in fact Tommy Boy.....He's allowed some Jesus Freak manipulator to take over and run everything.  It will come out that McNair and Easterby are probably into


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3 minutes ago, BudsOilers said:


The Texans situation seems worse.  At least in Jacksonville, an entire new football regime is coming in.


Yeah but with the owner retaining personnel control so no good GM wants the job. 

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People are saying they don't see the Texans and Watson parting ways because teams never part ways with legitimate 25 year old franchise QBs.... but I think this is the one time, outlier, exception.


It's absolutely headed towards a divorce. And I brought up the NBA initially because the only comparable scenario in sports is a star NBA player falling out with his team. Superstar QB is the only position in football that commands similar clout to star NBA players. And this is following the script of an NBA/star break-up. It is getting to irreparable levels.

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I still don't understand why the Texans wouldn't even interview Bieniemy or Saleh but interview Jim Caldwell. But then I don't understand why they would tale a character coach with no personnel experience  promote him to EVP-Football Ops or interim GM or allow him to be involve in contract negotiations.  It's just weird the way they are operating.


At the end of the day, they continue trying to be Patriots' South.

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