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Schefter: All 6 Teams with HC Openings Want to Interview Arthur Smith

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3 minutes ago, Jonboy said:


Yeah, that’s your forte, haha. I’m just trying to get in Vrabel’s head to see what he might be thinking. Is he comfortable with having to replace the OC every few years?


Obviously the top priority is finding the best person for the job, but I would think a little consistency would have to be in the back of his mind as he’s making the hires. 


That being said, at least we have an experienced QB now in Tannehill who’s worked under a number of different OCs. The whole “continuity” thing isn’t as important as it was when we were trying to develop a young QB.


Well we know with Vrabel and the personnel that it will need to be someone who is willing to be a run first play caller and runs the outside zone scheme that Lafleur and Smith are steeped in, they won't want to mess with that. 


I would think having guys constantly promoted to HC would be good for Vrabel in terms of attracting top offensive coaching talent. There was a decent degree of continuity between LaFleur and Smith, as Vrabel said most of the base concepts were the same. I doubt this transition would be any different. 

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There will definitely be no shortage of candidates considering the personnel we have on offense.

Why can't we have nice things? Lol


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1 minute ago, Jonboy said:

There will definitely be no shortage of candidates considering the personnel we have on offense.


No one would decline the job. We could literally have anyone we wanted who is available and doesn't land a HC gig somewhere. 

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2 minutes ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


Thought Seely retired from coaching.


He did. But Vrabel mentioned Seely unprompted a few months ago saying he learned a lot from him about ST


Maybe he can talk him out of retirement since he has a skill for that! He's only 64. 


Who wouldn't retire after having to work for O'Brien for a couple years?

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Just now, GLinks said:

Sounds like Gary Kubiak is planning to retire for real, but I wouldn’t have minded him as OC.


Yeah that would be a great fit. 


Zimmer really has a lot of trouble working with OCs. 


Kubiak won't go anywhere without his full entourage of assistants and his son though. 

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