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Thank you Tannehill, Henry, and AJ!!

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#3 pick in the first and second rounds for the Dolphins thanks to that win! Good luck in the playoffs. Hope you win it all. 

And thank you Dolphins for Tannehill!!!   I love it when it goes both ways. @woolfolksunclesuncle 

Tua is good when receivers are “Alabama open”, but NFL open, not so much...

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2 minutes ago, scine09 said:

Flores is a terrific coach.  The Dolphins IMO aren't on the level of the 7 teams in the playoffs.  Maybe they will be next year.  But offensively they're just not there.  To get that team to 10 wins to me was an unbelievable job.


Flores imo should be coach of the year. He probably doesn’t have a chance since they missed out on the playoffs but he massively outperformed the expectations. 

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17 minutes ago, FinFaninNOVA said:

They need help at all levels of defense, especially LB. OL is not sorted out with 3 rookies playing a ton of snaps this season. 

If they are going to trade down from #3, take the best available defender.  Flores is a defensive coach and they rarely take WR high.  With #18, they can take a RB or WR there.  Depends if they sign someone in FA like Golladay, if so it reduces the need to take/reach for WR.  #18 is a good spot for another trade down or just take the offensive player you want.  May consider trading up from that 2nd rounder they got from HOU just to get the 5th year.


I'd echo that they finally seem to have found Shula's successor.  And that you can be really happy for.

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Just now, OzTitan said:

Josh Allen is going to be giving fans of all types hope for rough QB prospects. 

Right!? I think that's partly why I resisted the possibility of him being a good NFL QB. Dude was inaccurate AF in college against bad competition (had bad receivers too) and then was erratic as a rookie. Now, I have to seriously consider QBs that compete sub 60% of their passes in college because they might be Josh Allen. Pain in the ass!

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I think Tua is ok. They can win with him but I don’t think he will be the QB that can elevate them to being SB contenders in the near future. Who knows what he will look like in year 2. They can add some weapons and keep building the defense which will only help Tua. 

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2 hours ago, OzTitan said:

Best bet for the Phins is to build a solid team and attract a veteran QB in a year or two to put them over the line. Who knows maybe someone like A Rod.


Build that O line with the draft picks and bring in Dak Prescott as franchise QB. 

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5 hours ago, FinFaninNOVA said:

IMO, it is far too early to tell. We had no weapons on offense. I see us drafting a WR and RB high this year. We have 4 picks in the top 50. 


Just look what happened to Tannehill once he had guys like Derrick Henry and AJ Brown to work with. People always give the QB too much credit, and too much blame.

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The Dolphins are in a very interesting position with the third pick as they have many different possibilities, none of which at this moment appear to be far superior to the other paths they could take.  Miami has a huge need for more weapons on offense, so maybe DeVonta Smith makes a lot of sense. They are probably going to be a fringe playoff team for a while so the opportunity to draft a lineman like Sewell must be incredibly tempting because this is likely their last shot to be in a position to grab the top OT.  A player like that seems to be very high reward and low risk. You can never have enough defense and whoever they deem the best defensive player in the draft will certainly be available at three. They could trade down and horde even more picks which is always nice. They could draft a QB if they fall in love with one outside the top two.


All of these are somewhat viable which is great and terrifying as it makes it even more important that the Miami front office doesn't screw it up.

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11 hours ago, scine09 said:

FinFan, what did you see in Tua that makes you think he'll be a franchise QB?  To me he looks like a more mobile Matt Leinart.

Clearly much is still based on his performance in college. In addition, the Dolphins are a very limited team on offense. They have almost no play makers. IMO, you just have to evaluate the QB in a situation where he has a chance. There is no downside to adding talent in the draft at other positions, If they take a QB next draft, they've already wasted a top 5 pick (2020 or 2021). If any team should be wary of putting too much blame on the QB, it is the Dolphins. 

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