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Police escort high football player from game for hitting referee

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The ref probably deserved it. 

Thread title is misleading.  I saw 'high' football player' and expected to hear him standing over the ref after he hit him screaming "Dude!  I just rekt your fuckin' ass!  That was a whack call man! 

Albert’s son is in high school now

Yeah his football career is over smh. I worked with this guy in Texas and he was a really good runningback in High school and had a scholarship to one of those big schools, I think it was TCU and some other school's. He said he and the track coach got into it and he lost his cool and took a hurdle and shoved it in his gut then hit him over the back of the head lol. He said all his scholarships got pulled. He ended up joining the military. One bad mistake in your youth can cause you a lifetime of pain or mess up a promising future 😬.

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Any aspirations for a pro football career are done the toilet...


In addition, if he is over the age of 17 (which appears likely as some news articles describe him as a senior), he could face a potential criminal charge of assault. Luckily, from the video, it appears that he would likely face only a Class A misdemeanor assault charge. 

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