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We had a lot in place for Mariota, trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. It was like having a great race car, with a super motor, great suspension, talented crew and a good owner, GM and crew chief. What we didn't have was a driver. From Days of Thunder out of the tunnel comes Tom Cruise, except in this case it's Tannehill.  The man just needed a chance.  He made the right choice coming here, and we made the right decision signing him. In 20 years of being a Titans fan I have never been more satisfied with a player like this. Nothing bothers him. He makes a bad play and no big deal. Comes right back and does even better. Guy jumps offsides? No problem, throw a 16 yarder for the 1st. He elevates the play of everyone around him. Never stops with that goofy smile. It's a treat to see someone playing so well and be in complete control. With the game on the line and needing a score he is the guy I want back there.  We would not have had this fantastic run without him, and the future is bright. If Jrob can nail this next draft or FA we will be a force. Being a Titans fan is suddenly a pleasure. Glad for him. Thrilled for us.

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