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Week 12: Titans @ Colts Game Thread

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Finally collected them all. LFG.

I'm really hopeful they cut Humphries and keep Davis with the lower salary cap next year.

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24 minutes ago, Callidus said:

Is there anywhere to see the games there or do you have to stream them?

Mostly via stream. But we do have a regional channel on the TV that brodcastes NFL games. However, they love to brodcast only big market teams, so I'm able to watch max 4 or 5 Titans game per season, depends when we play, if it is TNF, SNF, MNF they will brodcast, if not, then its highly unlikely. Streams are fine, I'm able to watch every our game, so I don't care much. And for me, almost every game is at 7pm, and I really like that. 

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28 minutes ago, Callidus said:

I still don't get why they make that red one... Also this is one damn early game thread. Any way lets get this shit done today titan up!

Neither do I. Always just been one of the consistent colorways even though they’ve never even been alternates. There is also a pretty cool black one and a salute to service one but those are more recent. 

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Going to put this in this thread as

Coordinating the Offense similar to what I did last week versus Baltimore:


1) Arthur’s first drive of the game, scripted, is often his best of the day. It’s unacceptable that this has become a noticeable trend. This has to get better and he has to adjust during the game to what the defense gives.


2) Roll Tannehill out. He’s lethal with his legs and smart when he runs. 3-4 of these a game should be the norm. 

3) Deep passes down the field. It’s amazing how when a defense has to worry about something, it backs them off. One of the best games Arthur has coordinated was the game in Indy last year. Small lead and late in the game and the deep shot to Raymond was the dagger. More of that. 

4) AJ Brown is a YAC machine. We should be feeding him 5 yard slants and let him bully his way for more yards. The fact slants aren’t a bigger part of our offense is absurd.


5) No pitches or tosses to Henry. They don’t work. 

6) Jonnu, Jonnu, Jonnu. Teams simply can’t account for all of our weapons and we have to get him involved often. Put him and Henry in the backfield with Tannehill and see the D scramble. 

7) Yes, this sets up well for Henry. Give him some touches, but don’t go conservative early. Henry got his yards last week when Tannehill’s passing backed down the D. He’s at his best when it’s the 4th Q and he closes the game. Don’t fall into the trap on Henry left on 1st, Henry right on 2nd, and Tannehill in 3rd and long early.


8:  Tannehill needs to throw early and get in a rhythm. Back the defense off. There is no rule that you have to put your QB in 3rd and long all day. Take deep shots, slants to AJB, crosses to Davis, and the occasional slant/screen to Jonnu. Far too often we tip our hand on run or pass. Be a pro and be better.

Arthur finally adapted late last week and that’s the difference in a W versus an L. But he has not taken advantage of weaknesses whether out of arrogance or incompetence most of the year. When something works, keep using it. If it doesn’t, don’t. You don’t win a game 7-0 very often. Don’t go conservative. Everybody and their brother knows we are going to run Henry a ton. Be smart, do it when we have run lanes and we have established the pass. 

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