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Broncos Entire QB Room Ineligible Tomorrow Due to COVID

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This scenario is why the Titans have been keeping a QB on the practice squad and having him isolated and practicing separately from the team. 

The league missed it's opportunity to hand down harsh punishment by letting the Titans slide.    

Teams should have to play the games with the players they have.  If all 4 of your QBs are stupid enough to not wear a mask, then tough luck....suffer the consequences.

We might see a team that has 85-90 percent infected soon. They’ll have to either forfeit those games or add them on especially with how tight afc race is for final spots teams can’t afford to forfeit. 

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5 minutes ago, heyitsmeallen said:

This damn season is spiraling out of control. The nfl needs to either postpone the season or create a week 18. I still can’t believe they didn’t build the schedule with 2 bye weeks for every team and a week 18 for any missed games. 

They just have to play it out.  All teams play 16 games.  Maybe it takes two extra weeks.  No NFL football the week before the playoffs.  Start the playoffs.  

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