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Texans Releasing Kenny Stills

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1 minute ago, titaninpgh said:

The Ravens and Browns should put in a claim. Raiders seem to want everyone. Otherwise, most potential AFC playoff teams have good WR depth. Surely Packers fans will also clamor for this. 


The Raiders, more like the Chiefs want everybody.

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I’m usually not the type to be all Madden and say sign this big name, that big name, all the household names type of fan- however stills is an intriguing mid level player that has history with Tanny and some of the staff, and would help us out with some needed long /vertical speed from the inside (even when humphries is around he’s not a vertical player) Still would add a dimension for us

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6 minutes ago, titaninpgh said:

His cap hit and salary are both around $7M this year. What would claiming him do to our roll over cap space for next season?

This will probably go into a lot teams thoughts about putting in a waiver claim for him. I think it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.7-$2M to pay him the remainder of the season. 

Teams with the biggest needs ahead of us would probably be Patriots, 49ers, and the Dolphins. Maybe the Washington Football Team or Eagles as well. He is scheduled to be a free agent this upcoming off-season so I would venture to say some of the bad teams wouldn’t think it is worthwhile since they’ll want to see younger players develop. 

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31 minutes ago, JT2000 said:

Stills and Tannehill had some chemistry in Miami. I don't know if there's room here now but it wouldn't make me sad if we took a look. In Miami he also was a decent run blocker.

Agree about chemistry, disagree about his blocking.  He caught some nice long passes from Tannehill.  He doesn't have great speed but seems to get behind guys deep anyway and is great at adjusting to the ball in the air.  I haven't watched him much the last couple of years but in Miami, he was a more consistent deep threat than anyone the Titans have now.

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