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Who is watching Tyson v. Jones Jr. ?

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38 minutes ago, reo said:

Not going to watch it on PPV but I'm interested in what happens and seeing replays/youtube.

I would rather watch it on replay or youtube, etc.  But I feel like it has become impossible to find entire fights right after they happen.


I'd like to watch the whole fight, not just the ESPN 30 second clip...

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Also, I'm interested to hear predictions for this fight.  When I was in high school, these 2 guys were the 2 premier fighters.  There was always lots of speculation about what would happen if Roy fought someone like Tyson or Holyfield.


Personally, I would live to see Roy pick him apart and knock Tyson's ass out but I just don't see that happening.  I just don't see how Tyson will allow himself to get beat and he will bite off another ear or something before that happens.

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I was morally opposed to watching it at first given the age of these guys. I couldn't believe anyone actually sanctioned this fight. But then I saw Tyson training and shit, that dude can still whip a ton of ass. To be honest, I'll try to find a stream but if I can't find one I like, I'll probably buy it. The intrigue would kill me if I didn't. 

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15 hours ago, abenjami said:

Anyone going to watch this on PPV?


I think I'm in. 


There aren't many prime fighters I'm willing to pay 60-70 dollars to see, and I love Boxing. Me and my boys usually get together & meet up at somebody house and all chip in 5-10 dollars. None of us are remotely interested in this mess lol. I will catch highlights on YouTube in the A.M.

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3 minutes ago, heyitsmeallen said:

I’ve had multiple streams crap out already so I just bought it for $50. Worth it to not deal with trash steaming websites.

I’ve had pretty good success but it’s gone down a couple times. There’s been so much BS air time I haven’t missed anything. 

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