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Kuharsky: Sambrailo Possibly Lost for Season

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I thought the OL improved when he went out.  He was not having a good game.

It was his worst game by far. He could not handle Ngakoue's speed move.

They were helping Quessenberry A LOT, as you'd expect. Even moreso than we saw them help Sambrailo and Kelly.    Quessenberry is serviceable if we use him right, but personally I think the b

I mean the guy is 350 lbs.  At the very least throw him on the right side and help him out with some chips.  I know the guy missed the offseason and he's been a knucklehead but it's frustrating watching that kind of potential sit on the bench while you're reaching down to the depths of the roster to let guys like Quessenberry play your most important OL position.  It's really hard to execute at a high level consistently when you have back end guys playing those important positions.  

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The OL shuffle could be interesting here.


You would have to reshuffle Kelly or Saffold out there because then you are affecting two or more spots on the OL but they do have options. Quessenberry looked decent yesterday and don’t even remember him giving up a pressure once he got in. The rookie  Brewer looked really good at LG yesterday and he does have some OT experience as well. That will give them an option of potentially moving Saffold out to OT or giving Brewer a shot at it. Lastly, they could finally making the swap of Kelly to LT and put Wilson in at RT. This week will be very interesting.


Options assuming Saffold is ready to come back:


Option 1: Quessenberry / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Kelly

Option 2: Kelly / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Wilson


Option 3: Saffold / Brewer / Jones / Davis / Kelly


Option 4: Brewer / Saffold / Jones / Davis / Kelly


I would guess they go with Option 1 to start with and if Q can’t hold up we finally see Wilson.

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1 minute ago, oldschool said:

Did Quessenberry give up a pressure after he came in?

Don’t believe so. He also had several good blocks for Henry. He’s not going to be a guy you want at LT if you are a straight drop back team but I think he can hold up with a successful run game. The LT has some interesting matchups the next 3 weeks (Houston/Turay/Autry vs Indy, Garrett/Vernon vs Cle, and Watt vs Hou) so making sure you have a TE and RB chipping will be important.

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