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1 hour ago, SloPoke said:

I played Taysom and Gronk. And Julio was obviously out so I played Mostert. Now re-add or smartass....


1 hour ago, SloPoke said:

Thats no ppr points right there. 


Eat a dick, loser.



Clearly you can't understand simple things.  You couldn't start Mostert in my league, we don't allow 3 RB's in the starting lineup.


Weird you play in a league by yourself though.  I suppose you can get whoever you want off the waiver wire every week!


As far as being a loser, you were too big of a pussy to take the bet.  Anything you say from this point on is laughable.

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1 hour ago, SloPoke said:

So me not knowing rules of a league I'm not in is not understanding simple things? 


And you wanted me to play by your rules? Funny you'd want me to play a man short against your team....now we see why....


And to have the balls bragging about a 13 point victory in .5 ppr while having a man advantage LMAO....an extra WR advantage at that. LMAO!


Didn't you just ask the board what to do about a non fully set lineup? But you hurried to use that against me. Lol how lame that is.

Speaking of not understanding simple things, ever hear of a bye week? In the league I'm in thats what you get when you finish 1st. 

I asked how we would even do it. There were so many questions. Obviously my team is not set up to your leagues rules so you wanted me to put up $500 when I had to lose my K, who is the best in fantasy, plus have to pull a player from waivers to fill in for Julio when I had a Flex to replace him?


You even knew I had Gronk and Taysom but elected to use Ben and Jonnu as my starters to make your weak ass point and fabricate a fictional win. 


You're a moron. 

No you idiot.  You wouldn't play a man short, you would just have had to flex a WR or TE instead of a RB.


And someone who was on your roster, not someone you picked up in your fake league after the fact.


Simple things.  Like posting your league's rosters when I asked you to.


But we all know why you didn't post them or take the bet.

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9 minutes ago, SloPoke said:

So again, my roster was not set up for a 3 WR league. You think I'd be in a league like that with only 3 WRs? You think I wouldn't pick someone from FA if I was actually in that position? 

I've been done that. Blame Jamals infatuation with banning my accounts. I'm not gonna do it with every account. 


Calititan saw it when I did. Again, thats your fault. 

Whatever you say, man. 


Lmao you saw and quoted qhen I posted my league's draft results. Yall really are lame. 

I think the only league I saw was the 2 QB yahoo league. This looks like an ESPN one. Hard to follow along with your posts with your multiple accounts to dodge the banning nazis. 

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