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Week 11: Titans @ Ravens Game Thread

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Any day the Titans win is a good day. Beat the rat birds? Great day.

Fuck you guys....good game. Hopefully talk again in 2021.

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Going to add this here as well for later (from the Ravens Week Discussion:


The running game should be in good shape today, but here’s how Arthur Smith wins the game for us:


1) Get Tannehill in a rhythm early, just like the Colts game. Rollouts are key for RT because he can use his legs very effectively.


2) Deep shots down the field. I think and I could be wrong, the last deep shot we took was the Bengals game when Humphries got taken out. That’s unacceptable. You have to back the defense off for our play action and Henry runs to work better. There’s no reason we don’t take a deep shot with Raymond 2-3 times per game to keep a defense honest. 

3) Unless it’s a screen to Jonnu, give the screens a rest. It’s not working. The moment another team has a successful screen Arthur goes screen happy. It’s insane. 

4) Ditch the pitch play to Henry. The time Derrick spends making sure he has secured the ball prevents him from being guaranteed to fall forward for a gain at least. Enough said. 

5) You have to get Jonnu involved. He’s too talented to be left inline blocking. Teams are keying on Firkser on 3rd down. Adapt! Make him the decoy and get Jonnu going. 

6) Keep the creativity going even after we have a lead. This should be obvious, but it’s like we dumb down the offense once we get a lead and don’t get utilizing things that worked to score. 

7) Use Page 2, 3, 4 etc. of the playbook



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