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JRob's 2020 Decisions Will Bite Us In The Butt.

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It has been my position as @BudAdams knows that JRob is God.  He has been a master of acquisitions in every area.  His first two selections as HC and OC are both HC in the NFL.  The Titans were in a woeful state when he took over as GM and his pinnacle came last season when going into the AFCCG the Titans were considered a reasonable chance to make the SB.  The team fell short. :(


Since then JRob has started to look out of his level as an elite GM.  He has made mistakes that highlight questionable moves during his short tenure as GM.  One is his leaning toward expats.  In 2017 he took Corey Davis at #5.  Davis is a NFL caliber receiver whose draft value was late first, early second.  He took Taywan Taylor early in round three.  Another overdraft player.  We know why.  JRob should have known why not.  Mariota was the problem, not the receivers.  An astute GM is supposed to know that and not waste draft picks on players to elevate him.  The QB is supposed to elevate the receivers.


He slam dunks the draft in 2018.  He hit the trifecta.  Vrabel/LaFleur/Pees.  Through no fault of this tandem the Titans fail to make the Playoffs.  2019 he replaces young coaching phenom LeFluer with Arthur Smith.  His player acquisitions remains stellar.  The Titans reach the AFCCG.  Awesome production, but a questionable hiring is solidly on the books.


2020.  JRob selects a player with questionable character in round one.  He permits Mike Vrabel to talk him into being HC/DC.  Mike has been coaching in the NFL since 2014 with one shaky year as DC for the Houston Texans.  Arthur Smith's play calls continue to be the same as the season before, no creativity.  The defense that had been allowing under 20ppg the two years before, now is giving up 26 and a lot of people say we haven't hit the toughest part of the season.


JRob had one question mark coming in, age.  He's now 44 and his HC is 45.  I think he has allowed Mike Vrabel to probably intimidate(stand to close) him into colossal errors this season.  Maybe not colossal, but there are some things, something that hasn't worked for the team.  The D acquisitions.  I think Vrabel was the one who wanted Clowney.  I think Vrabel told JRob he could get pro bowl play out of Beasley.


The special teams that had become an asset are now a liability.  Vrabel would have more time to address this if he didn't have so much responsibility.  The team spirit just is not what it was.  When you compare the energy of the Steelers coming out for a matchup of undefeated teams, it was night and day.  But all is not lost.


I am demoting JRob to Jesus.  It's time for him to rise and get this team on the right track in 2021.

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I would normally be the last to criticize JRob because I admire the man and feel he did an excellent job until this season.  The major problem I think is Mike Vrabel has gained too much power.  I am not sure JRob has the organizational maturity to reign him in.  One easy thing to say to Mike is that he is doing a terrible job as DC.  Mike of course will point to injuries which leads to the two mistakes JRob made in signing Clowney and Beasley.  Clowney was on the market for so long because of his high injury probability.   One year prove it and go get a big payday.  Compare that to the Colts trying to improve their D by signing DeForest Buckner.


Beasley was a complete head scratcher from the beginning.  JRob gave him way more money than he had proved to be worth.  Beasley did get 15 sacks his rookie season, but had declined since.  Why would he do better with the Titans?  Atlanta plays a more open offense, so Beasley probably got more chances there.  So, maybe Mike Vrabel tells him he can work wonders with Clowney, making it even easier to get improved play out of Beasley.


JRob did good getting Fulton, but the back end needed more than a rookie.  The smarter thing would have been to add a CB and a DE.  That's also more like the smart JRob.  He just has to grow a pair and tell MV he's the boss.  "You coach who I give you to coach."

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32 minutes ago, Oiler FANatic said:

It's amazing how the blind optimism that was so prominent here after the 5-0 start has completely vanished now that the team is 6-3. :unsure:

Count me as one of the worse.  I said this team was winning games the way championship teams do after watching the first four games.  What happened?  The wheels flew off and it made me start to look at why this team was having so many problems winning.  Paper thin depth in the secondary.  Over investment in the DL leading to the big question.  Why?  Why was it done the way it was done?  

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7 hours ago, Oiler FANatic said:

It's amazing how the blind optimism that was so prominent here after the 5-0 start has completely vanished now that the team is 6-3. :unsure:


Yeah I was never comfortable at 5-0. The defense just wasn't good enough. I knew it was a matter of time before our luck ran out. Besides the buffalo game and Chicago game we could very well be 2-7. My point is, when You are winning by 1 point but are putting plenty of points but the defense cant play defense, how long do you think that style of play will last?

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I think people grossly over rate John Robinson.

His evaluation of Marcus was Pee Wee League.

His ability to evaluate Offensive linemen is laughable.

Let's not even mention his ability to draft defensive backs, true inside linebackers and outside linebackers that fit our scheme.

His ability on defensive linemen is below average and at wide receiver and running back he is not very good.

He is willing to take chances to make up for his poor scouting.

For instance, a stud like Simmons is injured and drops down in the draft, it don't take a scouts eye to know he is a stud.

Same thing with Henry, stud drops down you know he is the best athlete among your running backs.

When you need a right tackle he reaches or fails because he is bad at projecting the skills to the Nfl...

Outside of Simmons he has no succes at dline.No true inside lbacker, the ones we have are converted

He has no success at drafting defensive backs, Jackson was a raw athlete and no brainer.

Byard was a local pick by dick lobo.

His free agents have by in large not produced.

He sat on his thumb when we needed a corner before the playoffs.

His lazy fat ass did not upgrade the kicking game.

This Joker will be gone in 2 years along with that dick he brought over from Houston.

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LOL - so your whole dumb post is to praise him for his coaching hires and then somehow shift the blame to Vrabel and the coaches while excusing any personnel gaffes.  Robinson is in charge of the ENTIRE FOOTBALL OPERATIONS, including the coaching staff.  Like it or not, he owns anything that happens - the good or the bad.  If he's so overwhelmed that Vrabel can control him, fire him for being a pussy.


The bottom line is that the easy part of the rebuild was when he took over for Webster, who was a fucking buffoon.  The hard part is maintaining a good team when you have to make decisions and let some good players go and are drafting at the bottom of rounds.  It's just harder.


Realistically though - this team has had some unfortunate injuries that clearly have impacted things and they are still 6-3.  Even if they happen to lose today, they are in decent position to make a playoff run with some of those guys back.



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