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2 hours ago, titanskick8851 said:




Carolina is terrible right now, their 3-2 start fooled everyone with wins over the Chargers, Cards, and Falcons.


They could easily lose their 6th straight game against the Lions this week, then number 7 at Minnesota after that.

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Evans/Brown/Long have all regressed since Haslett took over the ILB group this season.

Calias just got back to me.  He said, after consulting with his pal Earl Thomas....he's decided to rest his leg another week.

I’ve been impressed with Borders stepping in here these last few games. 

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7 hours ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:


Do wonder if this shift for Evans is both due to his poor play at ILB and a possible trial to see if he can be a viable option as a full time OLB next season, if Evans can show something as an OLB that could be massive this offseason given the salary cap crunch that is coming.


It's his natural position, he's mentioned before on twitter (half complained) when talking to a hater that it wasnt even his natural position... and we have TFL king david long jr sitting on the bench waiting to play who stopped Lamar a lot in the playoffs. He's needed to get on the field for a while.

It would be huge if they just used him there more for the package it creates let alone changing positions fully.

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2 hours ago, Jeff.Fisher said:

Havent even felt like checking in. Been in a dark place of two tone blues.. 


But since we got a game coming up...

go titans yay

If you were coach, bob was gm and daddy davis was the owner would every years first roubd pick be trading your best player to trade up for the fastest kicker in the draft?

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33 minutes ago, tgo said:


Lol! The media is all playing game with us now. In all seriousness, they need to find a way to put players in their best possible positions to succeed. Evans clearly lacks something in the middle. He can’t diagnose plays and is seemingly guessing and creating more issues for the rest of his teammates. A move out to EDGE would at least put him in position to use those skills that he does have.

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