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2020 Presidential Election Thread

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Fine. I’ll do it.😉     Titans Report calls the race for Joe Biden.  

Lol. Good question. I’m definitely, strongly anti-Trump. Didn’t vote for him either time.   I lean conservative but how the vast, vast majority of the GOP fell in line lockstep with Trump reall

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1 minute ago, tgo said:


We should be thankful that he held the line under immense pressure and counted the votes as cast and certified Biden as the winner. 

Not doing so would have been career suicide. I don’t think he was acting valiantly at all. The trump sucker group is shrinking by the day, and people will remember the enablers. 

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13 minutes ago, luvyablue256 said:

He's better off switching parties and running against Kemp


Well Kemp is screwed too probably, although I think the SoS will take the brunt of it. 


Abrams will likely run against Kemp again next time. 


He's better off retiring and riding off into the sunset. 

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4 hours ago, tgo said:



Republicans still haven't learned there is a difference between loyalty and fealty. Michael Cohen tried to tell them.  As soon as you fail to do his bidding or he doesn't have any use for you, Trump will discard you like a Big Mac wrapper.

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I don't even know why I'm posting this other than it happened today.  Same stupid shit he's been saying for 3 weeks without any evidence. 

I will say that his strategy of "say the same lie repeatedly & the stupid people will believe you" has been very effective.


Trump Again Claims He Won Election ‘By a Lot’ during Pennsylvania Senate Hearing

“We won this election by a lot, we got 74 million votes,” Trump said during a meeting of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee

“It was a fraudulent election.”



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