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12 hours ago, titanskick8851 said:

I’d say the Kyler side of things. Russell is awesome but Kyler has the running that adds to his value as well. Also gaining a 1st round pick is good. Copper is better than Boyd, but with Dalton it will remain to be seen if that air attack can still be as good for him.

But that's the rub. Murray is a slight downgrade from Wilson and Cooper is a bit unneeded with Boyd, Keenan Allen, Will Fuller, and CeeDee Lamb. Besides that there will usually only be 2 receivers starting due to Kamara, Henry, and Aaron Jones taking up the 2 RB slots and the flex..


The only thing that would really be gained is the extra 1st. That's nice, but it isn't everything. The team is 5-1 right now with the roster as is and a real shot at winning the league.


Idk... it seems like an awesome trade at first glance, like he's overpaying by a lot, but on a deeper dive it seems like a rip off. Murray is putting up big numbers and he's young but Wilson is a rock solid and proven commodity and he's averaging 10 more points per game than Murray in this league.

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I would lean the Wilson, Boyd team. 


Cooper is going to be a pooper for some games with no Dak. He was saved by a garbage time TD on Monday. 


Wilson > Murray 


Sure Murray has the running ability but his success as a top fantasy QB is reliant on that. Wilson probably has the highest floor out of all QBs not named Patrick Mahomes. 

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