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Could we possibly have COY, MVP, and OPOY all in one season?


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Tannehill is playing at an MVP level and is getting the recognition each week due to his outstanding play that has him on pace to throw for 4,377 yards, 42 TD, and only 6 INT And out of the 5 wins so far we have come from behind to win 4 of them in the 4th quarter or at least game winning drives at the end. All

of which would shatter Titan single season records. 


Derrick Henry is on pace for 1,881 yards and 17 TD at 4.8 ypc


Mike Vrabel has us sitting at 5-0 after the leagues first covid outbreak on a team with only 3 practices in 3 weeks. 

let those numbers sink in. 

to top it off if the season ended today we would be the only team to have a first round bye with home field advantage in the playoffs. 

those numbers and production under our circumstances can’t be ignored. They are MVP and player of the year worthy numbers and the situation is coach of the year talk. 

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2 minutes ago, NashvilleNinja said:

Wth does any of this have to do with Jimmy G throwing 23 of 33 for 268 yards and 3 touchdowns last night?

Kyle wasn't the only one sick of watching the Titans with Mariota.

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47 minutes ago, Little Earl said:


i didn't realize Mahomes played in a big market....



They're the reigning champions, are a storied franchise, and have a media darling at QB. Try and keep up trailer trash.

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3 hours ago, WG53 said:

The NFL isn't going to give a small market team like us this kind of love. They're too infatuated with Wilson and Mahomes for MVP. Might get Vrabel CoY.

I know we aren’t getting all 3 and the title of the thread is misleading because my question is aimed at “Are these guys worthy”


in my opinion yes they are all 3 worthy of the awards and should be in the discussion 

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