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Is Tannehill a legit MVP contender?? & does he have a legit chance to win it.


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  1. 1. Is Ryan Tannehill a legit MVP contender through 5 weeks

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Am I just an over Zealous fan, or his he legit in the MVP race. 


Imo I think Ryan Tannehill right now is 2nd in the MVP race. Take into account we are one week behind teams when looking at stats. 9 tds to 1 int. 1 rushing TD. Undefeated, faced the greatest adversity of any QB. Missing is 2 starters yesterday and still balled. Been missing his best wideout all season. Dude deserves his respect. 



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5 minutes ago, TitansGuru said:

Contender, yes.


But there has been a full court press for Wilson to win it since week one. Unless he or the Seahawks collapse it's going to be hard for anyone else to win it.


Agree with and respect all these opinions. I'm always bias towards my guys. But I try to also not let it cloud my judgement, and Tanney is definitely worthy of being in the discussion.


@cshumak2 @wiscotitansfan 

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Tannehill deserves to be in the conversation...but people love gaudy stats.  They want a QB who throws for 4500 yards and 40 TDs...which is highly unlikely to happen in the Titans offense. 

Tannehill was absolutely stellar and 100% on point last night...but didn’t even break 200 yards due to the gameplan and offensive philosophy.  And I’m fine with that....because their philosophy wins.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to individual awards, volume stats matter. He can easily be the most efficient QB in the league but he just won't have the volume of guys like Mahommes and Wilson. 

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Wilson isn't a volume guy either.  He's averaging less than 1 more pass attempt per game than Tannehill is and to date has a big edge in passer rating, completion %, TD%, YPA.....and Seattle is averaging more PPG and the one team better than the Titans in RZ efficiency.



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The NFL MVP almost always goes to the QB on the team with the best record in the NFL provided the TD stats are there.  Baltimore threw it less than any other team and Jackson won the MVP as the Ravens were the #1 seed and had the best record in football.  Given that the vast majority of TD passes come in the red zone, the volume argument in terms of PA's is antiquated and wrong.


If things hold true, Wilson or Rodgers will win but those teams tail off some, it could change.  If the Titans end up the # 1 seed and Tannehill has 36 TD's (his current pace), he could very well win.


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