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2020 NBA Champion LA Lakers

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React here and celebrate this historic championship (or bitch about it). Love the Lakers or hate them, this bubble run was compelling even if there were more uninteresting games than interesting ones. 


As a LeBron fan, to see him lead 3 different franchises to titles is incredible. 3 Finals MVPs as well. Phenomenal. 


A lot of credit to the Heat. I think Eric Spoelstra is the most underrated coach in the game. I love the young talent--you have to like that future and that the young guys are buying into what Jimmy is selling. 


This will also be fun to think about what comes next--crazy that two of the most dangerous teams chasing the Lakers were non-factors this season, the Warriors and the Nets. I love the story lines for both of those teams. 



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42 minutes ago, Makaveli said:


Yeah I think Jimmy was worn out. 


LeBron is a great player, but I don't think history will look back at LeBron with the same nostalgia & Fondness as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Even Kobe Bryant.

Every great you can look back at every big game, every finals series and say they gave their best and went out swinging. When people look back at LeBron they will also see the times he quit. They will see the brutal finals losses, they will see the big 3 losing to Nowitzki. Lebron lived up to the hype coming outta high school. But he is far from the greatest.


I don't really think you are right here. LeBron's run in terms of making an incredible amount of Finals and fighting epic teams like the Warriors is going to outlive his bad legacy. 


Jordan quit on the entire sport, remember, and people didn't fault him for that. I think there will always be people that debate whether or not Jordan is better than him, and I personally find GOAT conversations kind of pointless, but I think people will look at his legacy with a lot more celebration and elevation than anyone not named Michael.


Also, at this moment in history you simply have more haters than you will in the future because he is currently playing the game. Most of the people I encounter trying to downplay his legacy are admittedly not fans.  

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55 minutes ago, Oilertattoo said:

Congrats to the Lakers and LeBron. 


Heat simply were spent. 


Tough loss for the Heat, but damn what a run in the bubble. Not surprised Jimmy wasn't able to conjure another epic game. The Lakers just dialed in on defense. This was an all-time great defensive team. 

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12 hours ago, Bink said:


Most of the people I encounter trying to downplay his legacy are admittedly not fans.  

It's hilarious when people bitch about politics being in sports and then broadcast to the world that their viewership will be no more and the league is at such a loss. Like WTF, the league doesn't give a shit about Nancy getting offended by Lebron supposedly not "shutting up and dribbling". The non-fan demographic was never their priority.

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LeBron’s accolades just keep adding up at this point. I am not a fan of his, but I think he should have won 3-4 more MVPs than he has now, including 2 more during the Miami years and probably at least 1-3 more during those Cavs (2nd stint) years. Outside of the Mavs series, he’s brought it to ever finals he’s been in, has spent more 10/17 seasons in the Finals, and has leads about every playoff stat at this point. 

Arguably the most complete player ever as well. When it’s all over, he’s going to be the all-time scoring leader, top 5-10 in assists, and probably gets another championship. At that point, I think even the Jordan pole-riders will have to admit LeBron was superior.

Once he’s out of the league for 5-10 years, he’ll get the admiration Jordan/Kobe get. Kobe and Jordan would be treated worse than LeBron had social media been around in the 80s/90s. Can you imagine the stories of Kobe’s rape case or Jordan’s issues if Twitter was around then? They’d be hated. 


It is time for people to stop arguing over who’s the better player and just appreciate the insane talent.

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28 minutes ago, JohnJohn said:

You mean when his father died? Or should say, was killed....Why would anyone fault him for that. Except for just being a jackass. Or as a counter argument to a Jordan fan who says (he would have won more).

I agree with this. But it is hard not to and, as a fan, can be fun as much as it can be pointless. 

This post that I'm quoting (entire thing), I find myself wanting to go into several different directions. But one stands out the most to me. 


Out of these three, who is more of a GOAT in your opinion, Iverson, Nash, or Westbrook? And why....


Also another question, if you will. Would you rather have Tracy McGradys career or Robert Horrys?


The questions you have at the bottom, I haven't really thought about. As mentioned, I don't overly get into rankings. I don't have a hard saying McGrady is better than Horry. On a personal level, I don't know if I would rather be "better" or have a bunch of rings, probably the latter. 


As for Jordan's father dying, definitely not faulting him there, I just think people tend to see things through a Jordan centric lens. 


Can you imagine Jordan, with all that happened to him, occurring during today's media climate? It would change things. The conspiracy theories over his dad's death would have been disgusting and way more prevalent than they were then. I certainly think the break helped Jordan keep 6-0 intact. 


And I think people sometimes hold up Jordan doing it all with the Bulls, and discredit LeBron not staying in one place. 


I think Bron winning titles with 3 different franchises is much harder than people give it credit for. 


When Jordan left the Bulls, they were a finals team. The disrespect Pippen gets is unreal. 

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