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What do you as a fan want the endgame to be for the Buffalo game?

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I feel like there's 3 legit scenarios for the Buffalo game next week.  Which one do you want?


1. Play the game on time, assuming that this all stops by, say, Wednesday, with whomever is on the roster and with limited practice time?

2. Forfeit the game and take the L?

3. Move this back to a week 18?

4. Cancel the game and just have the Bills/Titans play 15 games.  I'm guessing that won't go over well around the league since one less game is also one less period that players can get beaten up and have injuries.


I really hope that we don't have to have this same discussion for the Houston game but until this all stops who knows how long this could go on.


Also note they can't move the Buffalo game till Monday or Tuesday as the Chiefs have a Thursday night game with the Bills.

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Forfeit lol. The NFL will do everything they can to avoid that. The most likely scenario is that the game is played with scabs filling in for Simmons and Jones. If they win great if not og well. The fallback will be to move the game to week 18 and delay the playoffs a week. There will likely be more games that need to be made up and week 18 makes perfect sense to do that.

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