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Titans Suspend In Person Activities After 8 COVID Positives

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1 minute ago, BudAdams said:

This should not surprise anyone at this point.  There were going to be more Steeler fans at the game anyway......


Nashville does not support an NFL team well.  Given the growth of the city, ironically helped by having an NFL team. have brought transplants who follow other teams or don't follow it at all.


I'd love to see Amy tell the city/state to fuck off and bring them back to Texas.  San Antonio would easily support an NFL team.

I think this is common place among some of these southern NFL cities (Atlanta and Charlotte are two others that come to mind).


I admit I'm making a big deal about a 5 minute span where they were talking about a college football game but it just pissed me off that right after hearing this news, the biggest sports story in the country likely I turn on their flagship sports station and what are they talking about?  Mostly the Titans but some college football mixed in.  Which in a situation like this should have never happened.

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Pees definitely made the right decision to retire. 

Whoever complained about the Titans not getting enough media attention...this is all YOUR fault! 

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41 minutes ago, Bongo59 said:

Vitamin D is a proxy for why C19 affects those with darker skin.  Darker skin = need more solar exposure to raise innate and adaptive immune systems to defend from all viral illnesses.  FYI. 

How much supplemental D is needed, mega dose??

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1 minute ago, luvyablue256 said:

Then why isn't this a big national protocol? The supplement makers can just ramp up production if there's a supply issue. 

Because of this:  

Why is Innate and adaptive cellular immunity being politicized by the paradigm? Just because human immunity that has developed naturally against viruses for millennia doesn’t fit their narrative, are we supposed to stop telling the truth about it, as physicians? This is not breaking news, it’s immunology 101!

Could it be Fauci, Redfield, and Birx keep parroting old data and never give the full picture medical benefits and risks on altered T-cell immune responses because of their relationship with GAVI? Is this being done to support a Big Pharma vaccine agenda for a virus with a low death rate? Why is no one in Mockingbird media saying a word about these things DAILY? Why is social media censoring these aspects of my posts? 

Dr. Atlas explains T-cell immunity in this short video explaining the immunity position published in textbooks used in medical school stating evidence suggests T-cell immunity:

- comes from prior coronaviruses

- is the reason children are less affected by COVID-19

- is more important than antibodies

- is why fewer people are susceptible to COVID-19


Mockingbird media is aiming for Scott Atlas because he keeps exposing the paradigm's coronavirus falsehoods. The others gunning for him are Fauci, Redfield, Birx. Because they have been the main liars of this pandemic. The details they have left out are the most important missing data (Vitamin D). This data shows that the need for a vaccine is superfluous consider in the death rate but they all want one because of their links (patents/money) to GAVI (GATES). So why do they continue to push for it?   https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/29/media-gunning-for-scott-atlas-because-he-keeps-exposing-coronavirus-lies/

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1 hour ago, scine09 said:

Yes.  Beddingfield was giving a scouting report about some Missouri player.


Who the hell cares?  Seriously?  Not the time to be discussing that.


I can guarantee you this wouldn't have gone on in most other cities.


"On today's show we will recap the Titans Super Bowl victory over the Packers.  And we'll have coach Pruitt on to discuss his latest recruit from Alabama."

There's been a concentrated effort in southern sports media to downplay the hell out of this. They basically took Clay Travis' lead 


Pat Dye, an Auburn legend, died with covid months ago and you barely heard a peep about it! 

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3 minutes ago, Righteous said:

You are an idiot!  How many CV19 deaths have there been on the continent of Africa???  Seems based on your theory and Melinda Gates, the streets would be lined with bodies.  

Actually you are the idiot.  Africans have strong sun because of their location. = adequate Vitamin D.  Putting a dark skin person in the US is akin to trying to grow a cactus in the tundra, but you are too ignorant to realize that connection

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3 minutes ago, Righteous said:

You are an idiot!  How many CV19 deaths have there been on the continent of Africa???  Seems based on your theory and Melinda Gates, the streets would be lined with bodies.  

Don't bother, the moron doesn't even consider the fact that different African countries, let alone regions and cities have different elevation levels. The continent has fucking Mt. Kilimanjaro in it and the idiot talks as though the entire continent has low elevations. Can't fix stupid unless it's to remove it's ability to reproduce. I really hope someone gave Bongo the ol' snip snip before he got a chance to polute the gene pool. 

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3 minutes ago, ctm said:

Dr. Fauci said take vitamin D if you are deficient just yesterday.

He had to because the data is now overwhelming it works.  The better question is why did not he say this in March.  The science never changed.  Fauci opinion changed because people know his gig based on his patent $$$$ with Gates. 

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