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Titans Suspend In Person Activities After 8 COVID Positives

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Pees definitely made the right decision to retire. 

Whoever complained about the Titans not getting enough media attention...this is all YOUR fault! 

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Just now, NashvilleNinja said:

This kind of shit would be understandable if it were 1998 and the Titans were new in town. But it's 2020. The Titans are not new anymore. There's no excuse for it now.

If you're going to be a pro sports city it's not understandable at any time.

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1 minute ago, titaninpgh said:

Some serious indoor mask nonadherence must have been taking place for so many coaches to become infected simultaneously in a single outbreak. Wouldn’t be wrong for Titans to suffer consequences if that’s the case. 


I'll say it again. Assume you have the virus and assume everyone you come into contact with has the virus. That is how public health experts approach pandemics like this one. Its been clear for weeks NFL teams are not practicing appropriate mitigation techniques from mask wearing to social distancing. Just look at the damn sidelines during games. All the proof you need.

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The latest from the CDC. These are IFR, but what everyone keeps calling cases = +PCR. And over this we're continuing to lockdown the country for no reason in society of the NFL.  Why?  a +PCR means nothing without symptoms.  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html




Note the numbers for the ages of Titan players.  


The risk is ridiculously low.  +PCR testing is a joke.  The guy who invented the test Kary Mullis warned us never to use a PCR for diagnosis but the NFL forgot that.  

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1 minute ago, scine09 said:

If you're going to be a pro sports city it's not understandable at any time.

This should not surprise anyone at this point.  There were going to be more Steeler fans at the game anyway......


Nashville does not support an NFL team well.  Given the growth of the city, ironically helped by having an NFL team. have brought transplants who follow other teams or don't follow it at all.


I'd love to see Amy tell the city/state to fuck off and bring them back to Texas.  San Antonio would easily support an NFL team.

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9 minutes ago, Bongo59 said:

What happened in Februry in NOLA and Brazil?  Carnival.  1 million visitors came to both places.  Y'all need to get up to speed. 

Does Columbia also have a Carnival?  And Brazil still can't get it under control like those Africans?

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20 minutes ago, Bongo59 said:

The answer to why people of color are dying at a higher rate is linked to their biology via their mitochondrial haplotype and Fitzpatrick skin type = Vit D proxy. Any medical student knows it but not an ideologue on a football forum.  


Dark skin was built for the tropics and its low latitude, not a high latitude, therefore it should be NO SURPRISE TO ANYONE WHO CAN THINK, that having dark skin at a high altitude would lower innate immunity and increase viral risk. It is not racism its basic biology.  https://dnalc.cshl.edu/view/15144-Ski


This is why coronavirus was killing black and Latino New Yorkers at twice the rate of whites.  https://nyti.ms/37mSbgj 

You are an idiot!  How many CV19 deaths have there been on the continent of Africa???  Seems based on your theory and Melinda Gates, the streets would be lined with bodies.  

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2 hours ago, TheBukafax said:

My gut says the Steelers will not go quietly about being forced into a week 4 bye.

The Dolphins got their opener cancelled due to a hurricane a few years ago and it was rescheduled for their bye.  They bitched about having to play 16 straight weeks without a break and the NFL told them to quit bitching.  If there is a relatively simple rescheduling solution, no team should complain.

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