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NYT Obtains Trump Tax Returns

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I have less issue with not paying taxes due to losses - that's how that works.


But to everyperson voter who has supported him:


* might show how their super rich successful bizman pres maybe wasn't always so successful (though even that can easily be spun in terms of sticking it to Big Govt when you consider how much other Kool Aid has been consumed)


* moreso might piss off some people when they see they paid more than he did



As always, perception more important than reality.  Most people have little time nor interest in more than sound bites (why they work so well) and You Paid More Than Him is one that has potential to stick, particularly with the disenfranchised white non-college voters who supported him in '16.


Then again, reality dictates that if Hannity tells those folks its all a set up by the Deep State/Dems, then they will swallow that too.


And if I am a really wealthy supporter, I could not give a crap about it.  Nothing there that would be new enough info to move the needle.



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9 minutes ago, ctm said:

Trump has written off 95K to get his hair done, including 70K when he was doing the Apprentice.



Again, things like that when involved in a TV production are completely valid (now are the numbers correct, perhaps inflated, even some laundering...different issues).


BUT back to that every voter, things like that tend to not sit well, hearing that his hair styling bill is more than their annual income.


Then again, in that cult, maybe the rallying cry is Worth Every Penny!


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