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I’d like to be invited on your podcast

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36 minutes ago, SlurpyDurpyDo said:

It will be fun!!! 

I am all in for it but that was funny. And if they say no there are like 20 titans YouTube channels that would take you on if your serious.

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1 hour ago, BaddKarma said:

I want on first.


Yea, I got some shit to say as well. Here are the topics in no particular order...


Renfro was in, do the Oilers win that game? (Duh, yes and they clobber the cowgirls again that year for the SB win.)

Could the run and shoot be a viable offense today? Stats say yes...

Gerry Glanville, was he actually a genius?

Oilers collapse at Bills, was the game rigged with all the missed calls? (you know it was)

Oilers become the Titans, why did they chose to ditch the best jerseys and logo of all time? Work that classic shit in to the new theme...

Kevin Dyson, was he really down by contact, Senate Select Committee members that analyzed the Zapruder Film, says no. Titans should be allowed overtime with Rams this year to settle the issue after the Super Bowl, which the Titans will win after they win Super Bowl 54! Two in one night!

Jeff Fisher, he screwed us in 2008 with his anemic offense, team should have gone to the SB, again. Fkng Fisherball...

Jake Locker, what were the Titans thinking...Dude had a 54% completion rate...in college!!!!

Marcus Mariota vs Zach Mettenburger, Mett has the slight edge, what say the fans?

Mariota fan boys, there will be a roll call, and your nonsense shall be remembered for all time...

Derrick Henry vs. Godzilla and Mothra, Henry with the slight edge, what say the fans?

Finally, did Forrest Gump really play for the Crimson Tide? For Five years? I find the second fact completely unbelievable. We will discover the truth...


I await the invite. Dont keep the masses waiting. This is your Joe Rogan moment...


If they let me on I would talk about the wtf jags fan vs mayo jar guy then transition into how we are lucky even though we are packed with injuries they are all short term and how that looks good for us. Then I would do a shout out to maker telling him he is my favorite poster even if he makes manic depressive people sound like insoprational speakers.

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39 minutes ago, Jeff.Fisher said:


I've watched that show like 15 times and still find it to be funny and goodly

Should have stated in that context.

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I’d like to come on and talk about the famous Vince Young burrito story. I’ve found some startling new evidence that will crack the case wide open!

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14 hours ago, SlurpyDurpyDo said:

I’d love to talk football with you guys on your podcast. Just the X’s and O’s. How awesome the Chiefs are! I’ll even give you props and not be a jerk. It will be fun!



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