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Carson Wentz could be in trouble

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6 minutes ago, BudsOilers said:

Coach killer unless Wentz does a 180.  I'd also add that Roseman and Lurie look like complete fan boy idiots....

The whole organization needs to be overhauled. Obviously, you can’t fire an owner, but by letting go of your declining Super Bowl coach only 3 years removed from victory, they need to just blow it all up. Too many old players and a severe lack of talent in the younger players.


I don’t think Hurts is the answer either, but he can probably be serviceable for a few poor seasons during a rebuild before a new QB is installed in his place with a high pick. Who knows - maybe he does work out as a long term starter.


Either way, this team is arguably in a worse position than those last 2 Andy Reid teams that were huge disappointments. In fact, I’d argue that the 2020 Eagles are the modern 2004 Titans, where a team with high expectations, expensive veterans, poor drafting, and an injury-plagued season finally end a great run. 

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It was hilarious that the Eagles piped in boos when he threw that pick in the redzone. Even when they aren't at the stadium the people of Philadelphia find a way! 

He’s in a Miami/Tanny situation right now!

Apparently only qbs not named Wentz are expected to elevate their team regardless of the talent around them.

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