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Week 2: Jags @ Titans Game Thread

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47 minutes ago, Titans279 said:

The only drive they didn't score on in the first half Tannehill took the sack on third down dropping them out of FG range. But Henry had just lost 7 yards on what I think was another toss play. This drive was 7 passes and 3 runs and had 3 false starts.


The drives that stalled in the second half:


1-10 Henry 1 yard run.

2-9 Tannehill scramble 8 yards.

3-1 Henry -2 yard run. [Bad toss play]



1-10 Henry 9 yard run

Defensive holding

1-10 Tannehill to Batson 18 yards

1-10 Henry 2 yards

2-8 Tannehill INC to Davis

3-8 Tannhill INC to Smith




Then the FG drive

Henry 9 yards

Henry 2 yards

Tannhill to Hump 5 yards

Tannhill INC


Henry no gain

Tannehill INC to Hump (should have had this one)

Tannehill to Firk 5 yards


Doesn’t look conservative to me. 

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I'm not saying Tannehill is the 3rd best QB in the league but I'm also not saying he aint 

Humphries is the worst free agent signing ever.

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Anyone giving Jax credit here needs to think for a minute. Conservative play calling on both sides of the ball in the second half resulted in letting them back in it. Anytime we brought 4+ and kept Minshew inside, good things happened. We didn’t do enough of that and for whatever reason rushed three and played coverage with a banged up secondary. Jax OL played well, but we made them look better than they really were. 

Offensively, we couldn’t be stopped and have too many receiver mismatches to be doing 7yd deep tosses to Henry with suspect run blocking today. Team needs to develop a killer mentality. We put up 24 with ease in the first half and only 9 in the second half. It wasn’t anything they did either - the play calling got super soft which bailed the Jags out.  

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23 minutes ago, BudAdams said:

I thought Clowney lined up offsides twice - once on his 3rd down pressure and on the INT.  If it wasn't offsides, it was as close as you could be.....

It was the camera angle.  He looked so far offsides there is no way they could have missed it.

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33 minutes ago, Jonboy said:


Reminds me of the Gruden QB camp with Tannehill. Gruden showed a clip of Tannehill taking a shot as he delivered the ball, just like the throw to Humphries. Gruden asks “do you like that?” Tannehill response “I bet I completed it”. .... He did.... I knew right then about his guts and toughness.

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