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Week 1 Titans @ Broncos thoughts

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I was extremely nervous for this game because of the injuries to Adoree, & Beasley being inactive and Clowney only being with the team one week and how the offense would transition from last year. Would RT continue his brilliance or would he take a step back? How is the kicking game going to come together? Are we going to go back to having a reliable kicker like when we had Succop or are we going to continue with last years woes?


starting with RT. He looked fucking great in my opinion. Henry wasn’t getting a thing and we were forced to pass and Tannehill was dicing them up. Humphries looked the part. Davis played like a top 5 pick, and Kelly did a nice job on the right side. If we were going to have to get into a shoot out I felt comfortable after watching the first few drives. Tannehill was locked in. Davis was unguardable. However RT did miss some big plays including what would have been a 96 yard TD to Brown had he thrown it to him instead of Davis I think it was. 

Henry had a slow start, but turned it on. He had 59 yards I think going into the 4th and when I checked the stats I was surprised to see he finished with 116 yards. 

defensively Drew Lock, Noah Fant and Jerry Jeudy had our number in the first half. However it was a different story in the second half as we completely took away Fant and Jeudy had some critical drops. With Butler being hurt I am  more worried than most against the Jaguars. Yeah I know it’s Minshew, but the guy has talent and has really good WRs in Chark and Cole and Westbrook. We need Adoree. I don’t think he gets enough appreciation around here. He has quietly grown into a top 10 corner. He can be left on an island. 

Simmons looked amazing. Clowney looked amazing. Brown played like his normal self as did Byard which means they played great. 

Gostkowski honestly doesn’t worry me. He fucked up week one but redeemed himself with the game winner. I was 110% confident he was going to make that last kick after missing two, an extra point, and having a block. He had a lot of rust and barely knows the guys. He may struggle again this week but I think in a few weeks, maybe starting this week that he will be automatic within 50. 

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Only 31 yards for king in the 4th. But while I was looking at his splits I found out we need to run him on every 3rd and 4-6. He averages 27 yards lol

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And maybe the deep

knee bruise to AJ Brown keeps him from catching the TD pass. He looked like he couldn’t extend to bring it in. 

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Couple things...

a kicker doesn't redeem himself by making what was basically an old school PA. 


Defense and Simmons mostly deserve credit for the win.   The goal line stop basically offset the kicking woes.


Tannehill looked good but also seemed as though he is being given more control of the offense.  Seemed a little faster paced and we weren't just run the ball and take deep shots off of PA like last year.  I like that somewhat but someone posted earlier that the PA was sloppy...I noticed that also.  


I think tannehill needs to be kept structured and on point by the coaches.  Fundamentals can be forgotten with a little success.


I thought Henry had a good game...not great but he doesn't get stopped behind the line often and he had a couple good runs on final drive.


Curious if anyone can really confirm the idea that tannehill missed AJ on possible deep play.   Seems like if you go back and watch focusing on when the QB actually decided where he is going with the ball often times it's not as it seems.  Defenders come off their guy focusing on the QB s actions.


Accidentally deleted game before getting to rewatch all of it so going from memory....really like to watch a second time.

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