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Where did Soxcat go?

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I didn’t ban him but completely trust the judgment of the people who can make these decisions. We aren’t aiming for super “woke” here and I wouldn’t be on a site like that. Just general human decency.

I lean right on several issues and argue quite fervently in the political forum.  I've never been called a Nazi and no one has ever suggested I am racist other than rolltide.     I disagreed

One of those people pretty much called me a Nazi after being e-friends for nearly a decade so I do question it.  Just saying.     And, to edit, when the moderation crew basically all skews to t

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10 minutes ago, BudAdams said:


This is the thread in question.  Suggest everyone reading here to go back and read it.  It goes back to what a few have mentioned here - what's offensive to some may not be anything to others and that doesn't mean that the non-offended are racist.


I had my share of run-ins with Soxcat but it's a pretty weak excuse to ban him for what he said (in response mind you to a direct question on the term by another poster), unless you have incredibly thin skin as a moderator.....The fact that said moderator and poster disliked each other immensely didn't necessarily reinforce the objectivity involved.



...What Sox said was openly racist, after repeated warnings to stop. Jamal made the move. I don’t blame him. They had fair warning and a ton of rope. 

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3 minutes ago, ManningEnvy said:

Hey you tard bitch, guess who’s back from bird hunting. Too smoky in Seattle so I met Sarah on the Oregon coast. I’ll be back home Sunday. Prepare your asshole. 

They won’t even ban this guy lol. He posts pictures of board members and is entirely ridiculous. Anyone complaining about the moderation being too strong here is displaying a real victim mentality. 

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Just now, Jamalisms said:

I honestly suggest that you take a deep breath and a step away to reconsider how you're coming across like a jilted lover and using this thread as an excuse to air a long-held grievance.


It is incredibly awkward.


Edited by NashvilleNinja
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1 minute ago, Jamalisms said:

I honestly suggest that you take a deep breath and a step away to reconsider how you're coming across like a jilted lover and using this thread as an excuse to air a long-held grievance.


It is incredibly awkward.

You’re not that special man.  Just a hypocrite 

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2 minutes ago, Starkiller said:

I don’t know that TLGC was a real liberal. I think he was just a troll. Regardless, he threatened physical violence. ‘Nuff said.

Rolltide said racist shit all the time. ‘Nuff said there, too.

Soxcat was generally a good poster who could sometimes have rational political debates. But he also said some racist shit, so he got banned.

I didn’t see why Jake got banned. Others said he deserved it.


@Little Earl claims its political, but he posts crazy right wing shit all the time and doesn’t get banned. Why? He hasn’t said anything racist. 

@Mercalius says pro-Trump stuff when he posts but he hasn’t been banned because he hasn’t said something racist.

@LongTimeFan posts shit that the board liberals calls out routinely. He isn’t banned because he doesn’t say racist shit.


It's really not that hard. You can post all the crazy shit you want. Tux gets merged for all his braindead Q conspiracy theories and El Guapo posts about China creating the virus and they get to keep right on posting. BECAUSE THEY DON'T SAY RACIST SHIT. Just don’t treat blacks people as sub-human or whatever other objectionable racist other shit most people find disgusting and you will be fine.

A few of those people have had a number of posts get reported. But nothing seemed egregious enough so far.


But, yes. Tux is the perfect example of how people don't just get banned for being disliked or even for posting stupid stuff or even for spreading conspiracies and legitimately fake news that super objectionable to the "far left moderator agenda."

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I’ve seen Denali say we should nuke the entire ME. Not banned. Tux posts shit so far out in right field that he’s full circle into left field. Not banned. ME is ME, not banned. TGLC was threatening posters for months, not banned until warned. Same for Jake, Sox, and RT. 

The moral of the story it is really hard to get banned here. If you do it is your own fault. 

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