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1 minute ago, AvgJoe said:

It should be 16-7. Absolutely failure by Gostkowski may need up costing us this game. 

Have to open up the offense and try downfield. You aren’t going to win being conservative and going for FG

Vrabel road game plan.... saw it last year too.

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1 minute ago, Jonboy said:

Waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell me I just got Punkd.

This isn't 2005 when that reference mattered and besides in 2005 we could make a field goal.

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Just now, StephenIsLegend said:

Not liking this game plan at the moment. 

Yeah not seeing a ton of "run left" plays. Seems like we're close to Lock getting pummelled. Henry has a good yardage total for where we are in the game. Def should be 16-7

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Just now, Bink said:

Fucking put Zach Mettenberger in at kicker at this point.

Sorry bro.  I picked up Mett in the dynasty league and I want 2 first round picks if you want him.

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