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Titans defensive improvement key to contending

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On 9/12/2020 at 8:26 AM, oldschool said:


Honestly Pees likely has the best approach to keeping the Chiefs offense down just enough to give an offense a chance to out duel the Chiefs. The key to defense in today's NFL are stops in the redzone and 3rd down efficiency. Yards don't mean shit. 

Agreed. The defense gave us a fighters shot against them last year. If we can hold them to 24 or 31 it’s on the offense because that’s as good as it’s going to get.

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On 9/12/2020 at 8:35 PM, IsntLifeFunny said:

He could end up being elite if he learns a counter move. I think they’ve wanted to teach him how to be a full time edge setter, which is huge in our defense and wasn’t really his specialty coming out. He’s grown by leaps and bounds in that area. Hopefully this is the year he shows off a counter spin or at least a jab and rip inside. He has a very fast first step and a bend that only 2-3 players in the league can pull off. 

Doesn’t Beasley have a pretty nasty spin move? I’m sure Clowney could teach him a thing or two. 

I think to add on to Scotty’s point, Landry is a bit undersized to ever be a power rusher and he’s not so fast like Dwight Freeney or Von Miller to make that unimportant. I see him topping out as a top 15 rusher in the league. Like a 15% better Derrick Morgan. 

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Not worried about Monday's performance. If anything I feel better about the team. We proved we can win with adversity. Evans is a main piece and a play caller. We won a game we were supposed to lose, which was unheard of for a Titans team past decade lol. The thing I wanna see is if we win again Sunday, the follow up game. 

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The pass rush looked much improved, still really struggled covering in the secondary though. Really need Beasley back to give us another quality pass rusher on third down 

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