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Who's going to the Movies? I DID!

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I really miss going to the movies.  I love going in there, getting some way over priced concessions and sitting to escape into the big screen.  It reminds me of the times when I grew up going to the theater with my brother to see King Kong, Tarzan, Godzilla, Westerns, Army movies and whatever was showing on Saturday.  My mother would give us each $0.50.  Admission was a dime, popcorn, hotdog and a drink were 10ç each.  We would have 10ç apiece left to go play the nickel pinball machine before we went home.


Covid took the movies away.  Now the movies are back.  One thing about the movie theater is they all have a smell, the movie theater smell.  The air circulates, but movie theater air seems to keep the same smell, stagnant.  If they blindfolded me and sat me in a movie theater, I could tell you where I was.  As much as I love the movies, I can't go back.  Not yet.


Some opinion articles below.






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17 hours ago, Starkiller said:

I won’t set foot in a movie theater again until I’ve had a vaccine. And I love going to see a movie. 

And even then I might wait and see...

I worry about the vaccine. Will it fail to knock out the virus? Will it turn the nation into a real life I Am Legend scenario? I mean, I don't think Will Smith can save us a second time around... 

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Box Office: ‘Tenet’ Kicks Off With $20 Million in the U.S., Nears $150 Million Globally


After months of delays, Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic “Tenet” finally arrived in U.S. theaters and generated $20.2 million over Labor Day weekend. Ticket sales, though difficult to dissect given the uncharted waters of the coronavirus era, are roughly in line with expectations for a new release during a pandemic.

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On 9/2/2020 at 4:41 PM, NashvilleNinja said:

Not a chance in hell. Not until they get a handle on the virus.


The thing is I had just gotten one of those AMC movie pass subscriptions a month before they started locking everything down. I saw 1 or 2 movies on it and that was it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Virus is fake, snowflake. And even if it wasn't -- HYDROXYCHLORIQUINE cures it. 

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I went yesterday.  My son told me he's coming home the day Dune is released, so I went for practice.;)  There were only about six people in the theater.  I was there on time and there was one person in concession/ticket line.  I had gone the day before and talked with the manager asking what were the new procedures.  They scrub down the concessions area at the end of the day.  The sanitize each seat that was occupied after each showing.  If the theater is full, they close it until the job's done.


Tenet.  You need your imagination and your intelligence for this movie.  I'm going back to see it again, I think it's better knowing what this movie is about before viewing.


Theater problems.

The sever was not wearing gloves.  Meaning for me I had to sanitize my soda, phone and popcorn bag.

No butter for popcorn.  I was planning for just a squirt, but still.

Regal now sells Pepsi products.  WTF! >(


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