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33 minutes ago, BackAtIt said:

So far....











I’m not a fan of Carson as the RB2. I also don’t like the uncertainty of Mostert. I think you screwed up with the WRs.

When did you take Golladay and Kupp? 

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10 hours ago, BackAtIt said:

Only thing I lightweight regret is taking Mostert over Ridley. But at the time Neil and Run CMC both had two WRs already so I felt Ridley would fall. 

I think you fucked up not taking Sanders in the 4th. 

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1 hour ago, BackAtIt said:

Maybe but Im not a fan of his at all. 


Every one of those names are from last year except for charitable donation. 

Miles Sanders is ranked as a top 10 PPR RB. The value in the 4th was insane. 

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1 hour ago, NashvilleNinja said:

You're going to regret trading CMC. 

I agree. Pairing CMC with the possibility of Zeke, Kamara or Clyde would have been the best team possible. 

The guy with CMC and Mike Thomas has guaranteed top 3 players (and great shot at #1) at their position. He didn’t draft a great team but you don’t really have to with those 2 guys. 

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49 minutes ago, ClowneyBounty said:

I'm currently projected to win the first 5 weeks, so maybe not. I had him last year and still missed the playoffs. A solid complete team is better than one or two great players. Not only do I have a solid complete team, I have a couple of great players still too. 


Would have been? Kamara sucked last year, might play not to get huet this year while looking for an extension, or outright sit. And who the hell knows what will really happen with CEH.

Outside of Dak, Thomas, and McCaffery his team is pretty ass. If any one of them miss 3+ weeks that could seriously hurt his entire season cuz his depth is nonexistent. After CMC, his RBs are Akers, Michel, and Hyde. All guys who are definite #2s or guys in a time share. Gaurentee he desperately looks to trade for a RB at some point. 


I already had two RBs, I preferred to get my 2nd QB over a 3rd RB and I didn't have a WR and have seen Golladay ranked 10th all the way up to 5th on the WR lists. 


Sanders has an injury prone QB and outside of Kelce and Johnson, their OL is suspect. And I stay away from Eagles players because they typically underperform. Just like Sanders did last year. 


You may not look at my team and be like damn, great team. But I have no holes and pretty good depth. And right I'm hoping NO trades Kamara or he sits. That makes my 4th RB, Murray, probably a mid to low end #2RB. 


I did say the guy didn’t draft a great team. I would have easily taken CMC and Michael Thomas as my foundation is all I’m saying. You don’t win your league in the draft so having those top end players is far more valuable imo

Sanders was RB15 last year. If I recall correctly he was being drafted around RB25 last year. Not sure how that sucks. 

I just don’t love your team. It’s ok. You will always have a high floor. Anything can happen in season.

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9 minutes ago, HiImJake said:

Well I'm confused. Carson finished 9th last year and Mostert finished 20th yet you're not big on them....Mostert finished only 16 points behind Sanders and I got him at the end of round 5. Mostert was also fighting Breida who is no longer there and Coleman for snaps. I'd say the value is fairly equal to that of Sanders in the early 4th. Actually probably better because then my #1 would be Kupp or Locket and not Golladay. And if we're being objective, we all know Mostert is the best RB on that team. I love him as my #3. Argument could be made rhat Sanders, on paper, would be better. But SF already had a pretty solid run blocking line and they added Trent Williams. 


I'm not trying to be an asshole but it seems like you're nitpicking here just a bit. But again, preference plays a big role in fantasy. You have yours and I have mine. Again. I appreciate the hell out of the convo. Most can't even do that.


I hear ya.


Carson was RB12. Probably performed at his ceiling last year. I was super high on him last year but that’s because we was a bit further down on the rankings. He’s solid but would much rather have him as a flex. 


Mostert still has to deal with Coleman and now McKinnon for touches. He could be #3 RB any given week for touches for that backfield. It’s also the 49ers so who knows who else will end up on that roster. Mostert is a product of a scheme. 

You asked my opinion and I gave it. It’s not nitpicking. I’m not that high on Golladay and would have elected to get an additional RB with the pick. I also would have preferred to have the higher floor/higher ceiling players you traded and missed out on. It’s all preference of roster construction.




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1 hour ago, HardenBlows said:

Next best team came in 50 points less than me. And this was all with Golladay not even playing. 


This "high end" depth is where its at. Im bout to run this league. 



Champ after week 1! lol 

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