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Devonta Smith - Alabama WR - Corey Davis replacement?

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Dude is absolutely unreal on screens and has major YAC and led Bama in yards last year. Super smooth and a sure handed WR. Dude catches everything. 

Daniel Jeremiah did a scouting report and likens him to Marvin Harrison. If we can get a WR like that to pair with AJ Brown this offense is deadly. DEADLY. 

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I think he will be gone way before we pick. I could be wrong. Alabama has had better receivers, but no one has shown up when it matters more than Smith.


He caught the championship winning touchdown 3 years ago against Georgia. Biggest play in the biggest game of 2018 (his FR year).


When Bama got beat last year by LSU, Smith put up over 200 yds, more than Jeudy, Ruggs and Waddle combined. Yes, Bama lost, but Smith made damn sure it wasn't his fault. Biggest game for Bama in 2019.


Since Waddle went down this year, he's been the WR1 undoubtedly (getting each team's best CB, including Stingley last week) but he's caught at least 7 passes, had at least 144 yards and at least 2 TDs in every game without Waddle (avg: 8.8 catches for 187.3 yards and 2.5 TDs per game). Bama hasn't played their biggest game of 2020 yet, but I'm betting it's a big one for Smith.


If we landed Smith, I'd be ecstatic. But I think he'll be long gone.

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