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Biden Cabinet: Confirmation Hearings Underway

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This is really rich coming from a Trump ball licker.

I actually like the barrage of tweets from @tgo. It lets me get a quick 10 minute update on what I missed. 

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4 hours ago, tgo said:


Yeah, it'll be a fight. May have to go to Plan B on one or two of those. 


I think Bernie at Labor is the best option. They may actually let his confirmation come up for a vote just so they can label Biden's admin as socialist. And his presence would give Biden credibility with progressives. Best of both worlds! Surely Bernie could get a couple fringe R votes after his long Senate career.


Plus, then McConell gets a more vulnerable Senate seat. 


We need at least one true/die hard progressive in the cabinet though. 

Roger is legit.  Had dinner with him and 5 other interns back in the day.  Humble dude.  Smart as fuck, calm and cool, didn’t act like your typical entitled white CEO.  He’s all about action, gets shit done.  

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Good profile on Flournoy - 


Few in the Democratic Party have had such an upward trajectory in Washington’s cutthroat national security world. Fewer still earned near-universal respect while climbing the ladder — to the point that President Donald Trump’s first defense secretary, Jim Mattis, asked her to be his No. 2, an offer she turned down.


“There are one of three kinds of people who typically serve as secretary of defense,” retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who led US and international troops in Afghanistan, told me. “The first knows about the Pentagon’s enterprise but may not be knowledgeable about policy or security. The second is steeped in policy and security but not familiar with the enormity of the enterprise. And the third may not have a background in either but is connected politically.


“Michèle may be the first one I’ve ever known that’s all three,” Allen, who is now president of the Brookings Institution, said.


Critics view her as more comfortable with the use of force than Biden is, pointing to how they differed greatly over escalating the war in Afghanistan during the Obama years. And though she’s well known to Biden, she’s not part of his cadre of loyalists or longtime staffers. That has led some to worry that Flournoy would struggle to gain influence within Biden’s team, even though she has a longstanding relationship with top aides like Tony Blinken.


“She cultivates this level of incredible loyalty because people love working for her,” said one former Pentagon official who, like others, didn’t want to be identified for this story while the Biden transition is still considering people for jobs. “She listens to them and takes their advice on.”

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The possible Flournoy choice would have garnered much more dissent in prior transitions. She’s a hawk coming in after 4 years of a less interventionist administration in international human rights disasters. Trump triggered so much domestic strife that it seems the media and public don’t have the appetite for international affairs debates that don’t involve Russia/China. The progressive wing is hyper focused on economic policy and immigration, as they should be. But the next 4 years are going to be chock full of war-based refugee emergencies, which is a place where the executive branch can more easily act unilaterally than in economics and immigration.

Ethiopia is on the verge of falling apart. The Saudis and Iran are as tense as ever. Belarus and other Eastern European states are swiftly moving toward authoritarianism. Four years from now, this stuff is going to matter a lot more than interest rates and green new deal and M4A debates that have no chance of passing. I say that as a full supporter of those progressive policies, but I fear the military industrial hawks are about to get shoved down our throats. 

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