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US Senate Race

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Losing heathcare wasn't a big enough issue for voters to flip the Senate. I just don't get it. 

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3 hours ago, begooode said:

That is simply in excusable, considering how important the race is for the control of the senate. Cunningham raised $28 million the last quarter. What a dumass. That’s something the GOP would do and not think twice. Pitiful.

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And in quite the timing. NYT has article this morning on reporter from Politico who has been labeled the grim reaper of Capital Hill for his willingness to address the physical and mental frailty of our elderly politicians. 


Can't get the direct link (via daily update) but from it:


"This concentration of power in the hands of the old is an American phenomenon, Derek Thompson recently wrote in The Atlantic, noting that our leaders are getting older as European leaders get younger."


“If government of the elderly, by the elderly, and for the elderly will not perish from the Earth, the rest of us might suffer instead,” he lamented.



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