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Trump privately: this virus is a killer

Trump publicly: the virus is a Dem hoax

Trumpers stupidly: the WHO is to blame!


Dissonance is real

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It's really quite amazing.    We now have indisputable evidence by way of unedited,  unaltered interviews with Trump himself... and despite getting the words straight from the horse's mouth, his supporters are still painting him as an unwitting victim and desperately trying to change the subject.    Instead of criticizing Trump for lying to America about the deadly threat of the virus,  they're trying to deflect blame back at the messenger in an effort to distract from Trump's willful and deliberate dereliction of duty.


Say what you will about Woodward.....he's just a journalist.   He's not responsible for leading the nation and making decisions based on the country's best interests;  Trump is.   That is the very definition of Trump's job.


Woodward has no obligation to represent and take responsibility for all American citizens.   Again...that is Trump's job, 100%.


Trump *admits*  to having the information on the pandemic long before it became a national crisis in America.    He knew how serious it was....and he could have done something;  he simply chose not to.    Instead of putting wheels in motion to help America be more prepared for a possible pandemic,  he deliberately downplayed it.   He assured the country that everything was totally under control and that there was nothing to worry about.     


There was a time where we could maybe give Trump the benefit of the doubt....tell ourselves he didn't warn us because he didn't understand himself how serious it was.


There is no longer any doubt.... Trump himself admitted it.   He KNEW.    He knew how deadly it was.   He knew the devastating impact it could have on America's citizens, economy, and our country as a whole.    He KNEW....and he lied about it.   He lied right to our faces and did nothing...until it was too late.


So here we are:  American deaths are at 190,000 and climbing.   The nation's economy is still in shambles;  millions of small businesses are already bankrupt.   Unemployment is rampant as millions of jobs have been eliminated.    Millions of Americans are out of work....millions of families are in danger of losing their homes.


Trump knew the dangers.   He knew this could happen.   He could have encouraged the country to be prepared, which could have decreased the impact of the pandemic and allowed America to rebound quickly....as other countries have done.   


But instead, he did nothing.   

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Trump told Woodward on Feb. 7th that the virus was airborne and very deadly.


Just last week, he was mocking a journalist for wearing a mask. Told the journalist to take it off.


Trump has and is killing Americans with his lies.

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Medicaid Chief Spent Nearly $3.5 Million In Federal Funds To Raise Political Profile


 Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Director Seema Verma spent government funds on high-priced Republican consultants to raise her personal political profile, an investigation conducted by four Democrat-controlled House committees found.


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