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Virus in US

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45 minutes ago, Titans279 said:

Gotta love America



Although this guy is just getting what he paid for, Thanks Trump!





This guy wouldn't owe hardly anything if he had kept his good insurance plan instead of cancelling it and getting a junk plan with shitty ER coverage.

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MERS killed 866 people worldwide. Again, basic math.   Btw, in an entire year, the flu kills 3,500 - 15,500 in the US. They suspect some cases aren't identified and so they estimate up to 61

Whoa same thing is happening here too, weird.

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24 minutes ago, Titans279 said:

How would you even prove that the flu you got didn’t relate to a preexisting condition?


You could not.  Also, insurance companies often refused people for unrelated problems.  When big claims were made, insurance companies would actually assign people or teams to find a reason to to deny the claims.  Often people would be denied for unrelated medical problems not fully disclosed.     A good example was a lady, who was nurse, who got some form of cancer.  After months of expensive treatment, she got a recession letter from her health insurance company.   The insurance company learned that she had been to a dermatologist years before and did not properly disclose it on her application. It was for minor acne or a rash or something and she had simply forgot about it at the time of her application but the insurance company used that lack of disclosure to rescind her policy. 


This often happened with individual policies.  Also you were at risk for your doctors noting something during check-ups but not telling you about it - you know because it was minor and the doctor just wanted to monitor whatever it was.  During large claims, insurance companies would obtain that doctor information then rescind polices because the insured did not disclose it - which the insured could not do because they did not know about those notes. 

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6 minutes ago, Rolltide said:

That is a democrat talking point to say that Trump called the virus itself a hoax not the media response to it. Looking at the field of candidates the dems have you can understand how desperate they are. 


They also claim that Pence is anti science because he does not believe in the global warming lie or Darwinism. Pence is anti junk science. 


Yes I agree it so common to call what someone said about you a hoax.  When people are spreading a rumor, you always here the subject of the rumor say, "that is a hoax."  Using hoax to describe how other people are reporting something is such common vernacular. 


For example, you hear this all the time with children.  For example/ one day, Bobby fell down in a park and began to cry. The next day, some kids at school, began shouting,  "Bobby is a cry babby, he was crying yesterday at the park when he fell down...boo.hoo.hoo. Bobby the cry baby."  To which Bobby replies, "that is a hoax." Taunting kids, "you are saying you did not cry?"   Bobby counters, "oh no that is not what I am saying, yes I did cry, but how you are reporting it is hoax."   All of the kids who are watching this exchange look puzzled saying, "what..., Bobby that makes no sense. what do you mean you admit you cried but say saying so is a hoax?"    Although to give Bobby credit, Eddie, the special school student, wipes snot from his nose mumbling, "hoax...hoax...hoax" while nodding in agreement with Bobby.  Bobby made a friend for life that day. 

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3 minutes ago, No1TitansFan said:

Trump's idea of better health care, better for the insurance industry. The government should be warning people what a scam these plans are and should have kept them banned,  instead they're promoting them as choice. 


The only problem with your statement is that Trump definitely has no opinion about health care policy lol. He just hates Obama. There's no way he has a preferred set of policies.

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1 hour ago, Rolltide said:

Like I said this is a conspiracy developed by the mega rich left and China to hurt Trump. they keep proving it. 


Trust a leftist when one says - I know what Trump meant when he said it was a hoax what he meant is he has no clue.

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16 hours ago, No1TitansFan said:

I'm 60 and have some health issues and work when I choose; fortunately I own my home and live by myself, I'm making plans to basically become a shut in once it starts showing up in numbers and stop going out.

How long are you going to stay in?  I have thought about it, but time.

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3 hours ago, TennesseeTuxedo said:

An Obama regime  holdover.




He is an assistant to a level IV authority which probably means he has no authority to do what you are claiming. 


He is the assistant to: 




who is level IV on




which again probably means the assistant has no executive authority in the state department, which means he probably could not make that call.  I am not sure his boss, a Level IV, could even make the call. 

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