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1 minute ago, El Guapo said:

The only positive of this disaster is that as researchers scramble for a vaccine, we have heard nothing from the nut jobs railing about autism. I hope they are forever marginalized. 


what's weird was that anti-vaxers ever got mainstreamed at all.

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A Brooklyn man has been accused of lying about hoarding medical supplies and of coughing on police officers, officials announced Monday.


Baruch Feldheim, 43, was arrested over his alleged large supply and illegal sale of surgical masks, medical gowns and other medical supplies. He also was charged with assault for allegedly coughing on FBI agents while saying he had COVID-19, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced in a release.


Feldheim allegedly sold medical supplies, including N95 respirators, to doctors and nurses at an inflated price. On March 18, a New Jersey doctor requested 1,000 N95 masks in a WhatsApp chat group entitled “Virus2020!”, according to documents filed or statements made in association with the case. Feldheim allegedly charged him $12,000 for the masks, amounting to about a 700 percent markup.


The doctor was instructed to pick up the supplies at an auto repair shop in Irvington, N.J., which he was told had enough materials to fill a hospital with hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, chemical cleaning supply agents and surgical supplies. 

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How many people die after being infected with the novel coronavirus? Fewer than previously calculated, according to a study released Monday, but still more than die from the flu. The research, published in the medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, estimated that about 0.66% of those infected with the virus will die.


That coronavirus death rate, which is lower than earlier estimates, takes into account potentially milder cases that often go undiagnosed -- but it's still far higher than the 0.1% of people who are killed by the flu.


When undetected infections aren't taken into account, the Lancet study found that the coronavirus death rate was 1.38%, which is more consistent with earlier reports.

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2 hours ago, begooode said:


I only heard of him less than 6months ago. A guy with Nashville connections who owns a guitar shop less than 30min from me gave me grief -- You don't know John Prine?!  This world is too small sometimes.

Yeah he’s not the biggest name out there, but I’ve heard of him described as a songwriters songwriter. Cash, Dylan, Roger Waters and Robert Plant have all said he’s one of their favourite artists

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Reports are being reported that Motaurs and Chimps are immune to the virus and both are making convoys into the public.  Play all three videos at the same time in order to get the proper perspective:








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Novartis has pledged to give away 130 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine. Teva will be giving 6 million doses. 


It works and is being widely prescribed for Covid-19. 


2 ships containing 1000 hospital beds have been sent to NYC and LA. Thousands of hospital beds being built by the army corp of engineers with plans for many more around the nation. 


Abbot making test devices that can deliver 50,000 tests with results in as little as 5 minutes. Over 1 million Americans have been tested. 


American industry making thousands of ventilators. 


$2.2T economic bill passed and signed. 


We sent 18 tons of medical supplies to China. 


Libtards pissed. Hate Trump love China! Fuck Trump!

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