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Decompressing some thoughts

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I was thinking about the offseason and it reminded me of this tweet thread I saw:



Rambling #Titans takes:


Sign Tannehill & Henry (no-brainer); structure heavy early & those positions still need addressed. Not certain how early but RB is short shelf life & Henry is a 2 down guy, while Tannehill isn't young & this year's level of play isn't likely sustainable.


Both are important pieces & foundation of success. I expect Tannehill to keep doing well. But production was otherworldly. It'll settle back a bit.

Get a young QB developing. Marcus is gone. Who is backup? Who is future? No telling when future is needed. 1 yr? 5? Get it ready.


Pass rush is actively bad. Not sure how much is scheme but it's a limiting factor. Landry needs to take another step and then they need some other high performers. This position exemplifies much of roster conundrum - a lot of roster-worthy talent, not a lot of high end.


I'm fine moving on from Conklin. He's not actively bad. Seems like he rebounded this year. But I don't think he's great, either. All-Pro? Lol. RT position is interesting because it seems a hole in NFL. There's risk moving on but he's not worth big $, imo, & will want it, I think.


Corey Davis is longer term ?. He has plenty of value but does seem to have a missing link somewhere that prevents him from truly playing at capacity. AJ Brown really highlighted this for me.

I don't know what $ value is but he'd leave a real hole. Tajae #2? Please, no.


LBer is maybe ok but keep adding pieces and, again, need higher end rushers.


Secondary as a whole baffles me. They talk a lot. People think they're really good. I love the individual pieces. 

But teams with good QB+WR combos seemed to move at will on them this yr & then Mahomes & co again just cruised.


And I "get" that today's NFL promotes the passing game. I "get" that the Chiefs score on everyone and good opponent QB+WR combos are good for a reason.


But, here's the thing:


If secondary is our claimed strength, I'd think you want better pass defense against good QB+WRs, too.


Strength to strength and ours tends to get bossed? That's a problematic strength.


Maybe Adoree will become more lockdown. Maybe Malcom healthy will help. Resign Logan for sure. I think he maintain his level of play.


Adoree attracted trade interest, btw, & he's a longer term ?.


I'm willing to allow for any explanation. I'm not pulling All-22 & breaking down film to find answers. I don't know I'm even capable but I also don't care to.


The reality is that if it's scheme or if it's talent or if it's just great WR+QB combos ... adapt or die.


NE receivers were a major issue for them and Edelman wasn't healthy. Baltimore receivers aren't great, are young or are TEs.


We schemed those offenses to need many consecutive good plays and shut it down when they couldn't.


KC could and did. Seemingly every play.


You want to win a SB? You'll run into such offenses. You'll have to be incredibly fortuitous & win on the margins at a high rate if you can't stop the other team from just walking up / down the field.


Offense needs to score 30+ or you need clutch INTs like almost won w/ Houston.


That's ultimately not reliable.

Not sure what the solution is. Maybe there's not one. Maybe preventing big plays & waiting to pounce on opponent mistakes is our MO. Maybe it's a good option, even. It got us pretty far.


But it's brutal to watch. Maybe I'm the issue. Dunno.


I've been known to be wrong. I'm aware.


Hopefully AJ Brown will take a step. Hopefully Simmons does as well, Corey unleashes, Landry continues adding moves & wreaks more consistent havoc. Hopefully Adoree becomes lock down. Hopefully older guys stay good. Hopefully it all progresses & Titans return as a 2020 threat.


There's no guarantee of it, though, and I think one of the biggest issues is that they need truly high end guys ... somewhere. True difference makers.


This team is, imo, largely good enough talent playing hard, smart & together in organized, coherent schemes that put them in good position.


Need some game breakers.


I also do just have a philosophy preference for a passing first, aggressive, more-modern offense. Arthur did really, really well in his first year. Hard to believe, almost. They produced points & yards & wins as it came together.


But I just long for ... different.


Since he's coming back, which I'm 100% on board with, I just hope he adds more to the toolkit.


This is an amorphous desire with undefined goals. Maybe I just want flash and pizzazz. I don't know.


Again, maybe I'm the issue.


I'm sure I missed some off-season keys, have typos and expressed dumb opinions. Whatever. I'm good with it.


Needed to decompress.

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