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38 minutes ago, Tex in a Can said:

I'm a believer in the Titans, their game planning, their coaches and players execution against any team at this point.

We’ve gotten all the calls too. Everything has been going our way from injuries, to refs, to lucky plays to ball bouncing, to game plans to weather. If it ends Sunday oh well, good luck to them 

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4 hours ago, BudAdams said:

I just think the Titans win.  Someway.  Somehow. 

that's exactly my take...I said if we beat the Ravens we are going to the superbowl.

I'm standing by it...someway somehow

wouldn't be surprised if we win easy.

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Chiefs - 34


Mahomes - 33/50 - 404 yards and 4 TD and 2 INT with 2 sacks 


Hill - 7 catches - 123 yards and 2 TD

Kelce - 10 catches 133 yards and 2 TD


Titans - 28


Tannehill - 27/38 - 323 yards and 3 TD and 1 INT


Henry - 22 carries - 109 yards and 1 TD


AJ Brown - 6 catches - 89 yards - 1 TD

Davis - 7 catches - 92 yards 

Smith - 5 catches 67 yards - 2 TD

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I think the Titans are going to win Sunday.  I have a feeling, but it could just be my hope.  One thing I know, is this team can beat any team in the NFL. Any given Sunday.  That's the most real statement about the NFL of all time.  We(Titans are my team) will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs and not the KCC highlight reels.  Just like last week, we beat the Ravens.  I don't think any team could beat the Raven reputation of this season.  


The Ravens(14-2) scored 249 more points than their opponents.  The Jets, Steelers, Bengals, Jaguars, Broncos, Redskins and the Bears scored 300 points or less the entire season.  They beat five of the other eleven teams that made the playoffs.  The Titans(9-6) were the biggest dog in the tournament.  The week before they beat the NFL biggest dynasty of all time, both games on the road.


I believe the Titans are going to win because when they blow the whistle, your reputation doesn't mean anything.  All that matters is what are you going to do right now. All their highlight reels won't mean squat when the Titans come up and start smacking the Chiefs in the mouth.  Vrabel has sliced open the Titans heads and put a championship mindset in there.  They come to play winning football.  It's not about who they are, but for them it's about what they do.  Am I following my assignment?  It's going to be a battle.  Sixty minutes of football.


I think the Titans will win.

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The idea that we can keep Mahomes off the field, I just don't see it.  We've had Henry all season running well and we're still less than 50% in average TOP.  


If I'm Art Smith, this is quite an interesting choice to make.  Either stick with what got them here and give KC a heavy, heavy dose of Henry OR run play action nearly every play and put the ball in Tanny's hands to catch the defense off guard.  KC's secondary is their strong suit but, with Henry, they're going to be weakened by having to respect the run.  Or, again, just give Henry 35-40 carries against a D susceptible to allowing big yards on the ground.  I think the answer is somewhere inbetween.  What I don't want to see is us get far behind and then expect Tanny to turn it on.  I want to come out and establish early that we're willing to pass the ball and that we can do so successfully.  


On defense, I trust Pees.  We're going to have to put a DB on Kelce.  Adoree should be able to keep up with Hill.  Hardman will present a challenge, for sure.  Jayon playing is critical, as is the DL finding a way to contain Mahomes.


Common sense says we lose this game badly.  Our history against Andy Reid and KC suggest otherwise.  It's going to be close in a high scoring affair.  I'll be a homer and guess Titans win 45-41.  Regardless of the outcome, if you're a bettor, I'd HAMMER the over.  

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31-30 Titans


The team that gets the ball first scores, but they will perform better on offense than us early. Tannehill will throw a pick at the worst time. All the mistakes will energize our team and we will come back just like the last time we played them. 


Prediction: 1 fumble recovery TD from Mahomes, 1 pick from Mahomes. 

Henry doesn't do well in the first half, even fumbles one but turns it on the 2nd half. Tannehill has a good game despite the pick that analysts will say could have lost us the game. Corey Davis has one the best games of his career making 2 miraculous catches. 


Greg Joseph kicks the winning field goal with 3 secs left. 


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