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Alright people...it's time to start making our picks for the game. In a season where we saw our guys start 2-4, they now find themselves in the AFC Championship game. Do you think they'll knock off KC on Sunday?


I'm so torn on this. History would seem to favor the Titans. They have a dominant running game and do a great job stopping the run, a formula that has shown great success throughout NFL Playoff history. Football games are usually won up front and I like our matchups there on both sides of the ball. We should control the line of scrimmage on both sides. 


And then there are the stats about teams meeting in the playoffs who have also met in the regular season. This strongly favors the team that won the first matchup. There's also the stat @AussieTitanFan08 posted. 7 teams in playoff history have scored 50pts or more. Surprisingly, they only have a 1-6 record the following week with an average of 15.1pts.


All that being said...I have yet to mention the elephant in the room. Pat Mahomes. He's the best QB in the game right now and seems fully recovered from the injury. As impressive as the defense was against Baltimore, it's going to take something even better to get a victory over Mahomes.


I think we see a back-and-forth game with Mahomes leading the Chiefs to a FG attempt to win at the end. This time, the Titans won't be able to block it.


As I said last week, I really hope I'm wrong, but...

Chiefs 30

Titans 28

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Good post, jonboy.  I, too, am torn.  My heart is surely with th he Titans, but the 'elephant' seems to pull victories out of his ass.  'Fraid he does it again.


Regretfully .... 34-21 .... Chiefs.



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Chiefs: 38

Titans: 28


Chiefs seal the deal with a late fg to go up by 2 scores. 


I think it’ll be close and I think we’re going to make some coverage errors in the 4th to give them more of a lead. I absolutely think the plan on o will be run the rock and on d will be prevent the big play. 


Luck has been in our favor for these matchups and I think the ball will tip in KC favor this time.

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Titans 31 

Chiefs 24


Titans grind this soft basic defense to dust and force the Chiefs into a couple critical mistakes. 

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Tannehill schools Mahomes and Henry has their defense calling daddy by the end of the game.


31-24 sounds about right.  Biggest thing we have to stop is letting them score at the end of the half if they have the ball (don't let them have the ball).

Time management is a big key. 

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Titans - 31

Chiefs - 28


It's going to take an even better plan than what they drew up against the Ravens.. but I think they can pull it off.   Execution in coaching and playing is gonna have to be flawless.   


This week is unfortunately dragging on.  

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